Sexceeani Is The Future Of Women In Hip Hop

One time for the ladies! Without question, the music industry has had a recent surge of talented women. From Sexxy Red to Glorilla, it appears that the ladies in hip hop have gained the spotlight! One female artist in particular, sticks out of the crowd! Her name is Sexceeani and she is taking the internet by storm.

Originally from the small town of Killeen, TX; Sexceeani saw a lot while still very young. “I grew up around the military, my father was in the army so we moved around a lot”, she explains. During her childhood, Sexceeani was already thinking about her adulthood and what she would become in life. It wouldn’t be long before Sexceeani fell in love with music.

According to Sexceeani, “I had a very musical childhood, music was big in our house. My mom would set up the video camera and we’d pick songs and perform them. At only the age of 7 years old, Sexceeani was already writing music. This passion for music would stick with her throughout life.

Currently Sexceeani is promoting her viral single “Pretty Brown”. The song features a hard hitting beat, starting out with a Sexceeani verse that is nothing less than seductive. The infectious track is a sexy club hit, while being a motivation record for women all over the world. The music video carries a Players Club movie theme and it already gained nearly 3,000 views in less than two months! According to Sexceeani; Trina, Eve and Lil Kim all serve as an inspiration for her as an artist.

Ironically, Sexceeani has various similarities to each of these female icons. It’s clear, Sexceeani is an artist who has definitely created a lane for herself and her music. For more, follow Sexceeani on Instagram at @sex_cee_ani.

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