Sexyy Red Shakes Her Booty At Penn State Whiteout

Sexyy Red joined the whiteout at Beaver Stadium this week as Penn State took on Iowa. In a brief clip shared by Daily Loud, Red shakes her ass as the announcer hypes up the sold-out stadium. Adhering to the tradition of a whiteout game, Red had donned a white jacket and pants along with a blonde wig. While Red might be from St. Louis, it’s clear that she couldn’t resist hitting up the Nittany Lions for their annual event.

As for the game itself, Red was in for a treat. The #7 Nittany Lions absolutely crushed the hapless #24 Hawkeyes in a 31-0 shutout. Penn State QB Drew Allar only needed 166 yards to drop four TDs on the Hawkeye defense. Meanwhile, Penn State’s only defensive efforts were enough to limit Iowa’s quarterbacks to just six completions and the team to just 76 yards of offense. The goose egg drops Iowa’s points per game to 21.25 after four games. As a reminder, Iowa OC Brian Ferentz needs 25 points per game by season’s end to keep his job.

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Colorado Humiliated By Oregon

However, Penn State wasn’t the only team humiliating their opponents this weekend. In the only other top-25 matchup to feature a betting line in the double-digits, Oregon clowned on Colorado harder than Blinky. Deion Sanders’ uber-hyped team was so outmatched that the score at one point was 42-0. The game ended 42-6.

After the game, Sanders was brutally honest about his team’s performance. “We played like hot garbage. Good old-fashioned butt kicking. No excuses.” However, Sanders refused to accept claims that Colorado had been humbled by the loss. “We expect to do well,” Deion Sanders said. “We just didn’t do it today, but [the loss] wasn’t something that was needed. I don’t say stuff just to say it for a click, contrary to what somebody said. Our confidence offends their insecurity. It is what it is. I signed up for it.” Unfortunately, things don’t get any easier for Colorado as they host #8 USC next week.

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