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Of course, Master P’s diversified his businesses too. Case in point Rap Snacks, which P became part of in 2017, working with founder James Lindsay to take the brand to the next level. Since its start in 1994, Rap Snacks has released co-branded chips with hip-hop legends, a practice that continues to this day. Now, you can hit the Rap Snacks Amazon storefront to cop products from current MCs, like Lil Baby’s All In Potato Chips or Nicki Minaj’s Nicki Minaj Sour Cream and Truffle, Honey BBQ Truffle, and Salt and Vinegar Truffle Variety Pack of 6 chips. Or you can keep it old school with Boosie’s Louisiana Heat Wavy Potato Chips or Rap Snacks Icons Hip-Hop Star Snoop Dogg Cheddar BBQ chips. Delicious and full of flava. 

Snoop Cereal

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