Short Nails Always Look So Classy—12 Ideas That Are Perfect for Summer

I really want to be one of those people who always has long, healthy nails. However, after years of acrylics and gel manicures, mine are looking a little worse for wear. So, I’ve decided to embrace my short nails this summer and I’m going to treat myself to some super cute nail art for the warmer weather.

One thing I’ve come to learn over the last few months is that short nails look really chic. Not only that, but they are also super practical. However, when it comes to fun, summery nail designs, I always thought they would be a little restricting. Oh, how wrong I was. Yes, there might be less nail space, but that hasn’t stopped some of my favourite nail artists from creating a range of stylish designs.

Below, I’ve rounded up some of my favourite short summer nail ideas that are both fun and classy. From bright neon colours to dainty nail art and monochrome finishes, there is something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Keep on scrolling to get all the inspiration you need ahead of your next nail appointment…

12 of the Best Short Summer Nail Ideas:

1. Neon Shades

@paintedbyjools neon green manicure

If you want a statement summer mani, you can’t go wrong with neon nail polishes. These colours look so chic on shorter nails.

2. Jelly Nails

@harrietwestmoreland sheer pink manicure

Remember jelly sandals? Well, although I don’t own a pair of them anymore, I will definitely be opting for jelly nails this summer. This trend is all about giving your nails that “jelly” finish by using sheer, glossy polishes.

3. Floral Nail Art

@imarninails colourful, floral nail art

Florals aren’t just for spring. In fact, this colourful floral nail art screams summer.

4. Palm Tree Nail Art

@harrietwestmoreland monochrome palm tree nail art

If florals aren’t your thing, why not opt for this chic, monochrome palm tree nail art instead? Top tip, keep the rest of your nails minimal for a sophisticated finish.

5. Sparkly French Tips

@iramshelton sparkly French tip manicure

We all know that French tips are trending right now, but if you want to take things up a notch this summer, why not try a sparkly top coat?

6. Sunset Shades

@iramshelton bright orange manicure

This sunset orange nail shade will earn you so many compliments.

7. Multicoloured Nail Art

@imarninails multicoloured nail art on short nails

How cute is this summer mani? I love the simplicity of the lines, but the multicoloured design keeps it fun and fresh.

8. Gemstones

@raelondonnails gemstone manicure

Heading to a festival this summer? This gemstone manicure is perfect.

9. Pastel Shades

@imarninails pastel manicure

Pastel shades are bang on trend this season, and I love this multicoloured pastel design for something a little different.

10. Glazed Nails

@harrietwestmoreland glazed nail look

Glazed nails aren’t going anywhere this summer. I love the way this trend looks on short nails, and it’s great for those of you who prefer a more neutral finish.

11. Colourful French Tips

@paintedbyjools micro blue French tip manicure

French tips look so chic on short nails, and this summer I’ll be opting for this baby blue design.

12. Summer Squiggles

@imarninails summer nail art

So cute!

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