‘Sick’ nail salon slammed for ‘cruel’ and ‘disgusting’ manicure

Long gone are the days of just picking between French tips or a colour when you pop into a nail salon. Nail art has reached weird and wonderful levels, with each new trend more bizarre than the last. But one beauty salon has caused outrage after posting videos of its designs on social media.

Many have labelled the latest creation by Nail Sunny in Moscow “disgusting” and “messed up”, with others claiming it’s animal cruelty. The nails are clear hollow plastic tips, with a live ant trapped inside each one. The salon shared a second video showing the ants being released, reassuring people they were not harmed. But many people argued it’s still unacceptable.

One person wrote: “This is absolutely disgusting, you should be ashamed of yourself. Any nail technicians I know would NEVER dream of doing anything as ridiculous as this. The poor ants suffer for no reason, the nails look horrid!” Another said: “What is the fashion for mistreatment of animals? Is the author of the nails or the girl who wears them want to die in a small room slowly choking? What is happening now is beyond anything. Whether it’s an ant, dog, cat or any other animal. What you have done is mistreatment of the animals, you are sick.”

One follower commented: “As they were deprived from oxygen and forced in a small space? This is cruel!” Another wrote: “Problem with nailart like this is everyone wants to go one better! yes they may only be ants but this is just wrong! regardless if they let them out after…… whats next!!! jeeeez!”

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