Simple Yet Stunning Nail Trends That Aren’t Just For Minimalists

Clearly, simple nail art designs don’t have to be boring. Polka dots are a cute and easy way to bring something a little more exciting to your nails without having to sit in the salon chair for hours for ornate designs. All you really need to recreate this look at home is two colors, one for a base and one for the polka dots, plus a base and topcoat to protect your nails and make them last. 

You don’t even need professional tools! Start with your base coat and then add two to three coats of your color (how much you need will depend on how opaque each coat is). Then, grab a bobby pin and pull it apart so that it looks like an open V. All that’s left to do is dip the ball on the end into the polish and dot it onto your nails. See, we told you this was an easy one!

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