Simply Irresistible: Minimal Nails are Trending for Fall

Those who aren’t a fan of (or don’t have the time for) over-the-top nail art will feel relief to know simple, short nails are one of 2023’s biggest nail trends.

Simple nails doesn’t mean boring. 

  • short or medium length
  • curved, minimalist shape
  • colors fall into the range of neutral, everything from a true nude to burgundy
  • nail art is fine, as long as it is minimal

Short nails

An essential element of minimal nails is their length. Short or medium nails are ideal to represent this trend, which is all about ease. 

Nail shape

The shape of the nails should also emphasize simplicity. You have a few choices here, includingalmond-shaped nails, but also rounded on a short nail, or squoval (that’s squared with slightly rounded corners), all shapes that enhance short or medium natural nails.

Nail polish colors for simple and elegant nails

In addition to the shape, the color of the nail polish also helps achieve the goal of recreating a simple but stylish manicure. However, it should not be assumed that only light nail polishes are synonymous with elegance. A manicure can also be simple with a dark nail polish. Here’s how to do it.


It goes without saying that the simplest nails are completely natural, manicured, and polished. To do this, tidy up your nails then apply a layer of ultra-bright clear polish. If you like simple nails, clear polish is perfect not only because it will make them bright and healthy-looking, but there are now treatment versions, like Dior Nail Glow, which hardens and nourishes simultaneously.


Don’t let the name fool you—nude nails doesn’t mean without polish, but instead finding an enamel that matches your skin tone. Sometimes it takes a little swatching before you discover your perfect shade, or even desired intensity, ranging from transparent to full color. 


Light pink nails, like the iconic Essie Ballet Slipper and OPI Bubble Bath, another great classic for those who want a chic manicure without commitment. Again there are many shades and if you want simple nails try light pink in transparency.


Dark colors doesn’t necessarily mean dark style. Shades like deep burgundy, midnight blue deep taupe, cement gray and forest green are all moody and sophisticated. 

Simple nail art

A single bold line, negative space accented with a smattering of dots: simple nail art exists. Designs typically incorporate minimalist style elements like small stickers, to dots at the base of the nails, to micro designs, to contrasting colors. There’s plenty to indulge in, will staying true to minimalist principles.

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