Slim Thug Goes Shirtless In Bid To Steal Paul Wall Attention

Slim Thug has posted a shirtless selfie after admitting he’s jealous of all the attention that Paul Wall has been getting lately for aging gracefully.

The People’s Champ went viral earlier this week after debuting his silver fox look on social media — and his “Still Tippin’” collaborator wants in on the action.


“I don’t like how @paulwallbaby going viral for looking good with grey hair but nobody talking about me #BigSlimNotTheLilOne #MidlifeCrisis,” Thug wrote on Instagram on Wednesday (September 20) underneath a photo of him flexing his physique in the mirror.

Paul Wall caught wind of his close friend’s attempt to steal his shine and replied in the comments section: “#sugardaddyslim” along with several crying face emojis.


Slim Thug responded by saying he’s been receiving messages from “baddies” looking to hook up with Paul, before joking that his fellow Texas rap legend wouldn’t know what to do with them.

“@paulwallbaby u got baddies DMing me about u and u not gone do nothing with them,” he wrote.

In a video posted to TikTok earlier this week, Paul Wall looked almost unrecognizable as he sported a full head of silver hair and matching beard, a far cry from his buzz cut and soul patch that was seen in classic videos like “Still Tippin’” and “Sittin’ Sidewayz.”

“1st off, why my face look like the old man filter lol, we had a lot of fun yesterday, perfoming [sic] halftime with @Louie TheSinger and watching the @Houston Texans,” Paul captioned the clip.


“Mannnn gonna be a long journey but u can definitely feel we’re headed in the right direction @Tank Dell LFG homie!!!!”

Paul Wall’s newfound silver fox appearance caught fans by surprise as his comments section was flooded with stunned reactions.

Paul Wall Gives Clueless Music Fan A History Lesson After They Ask Who He Is

Paul Wall Gives Clueless Music Fan A History Lesson After They Ask Who He Is

After the video went viral, the former Swishahouse signee spoke with TMZ about his new look and admitted that was “insecure” about his gray hair for most of his adult life, but all that changed two years ago.

“My grandfather had a full head of gray hair when he was 18 years old, so growing up I always knew it was coming,” he said. “It started off with a little hair here and there in my chain.


“I remember my bro Nelly and Ali pulling me to the side and saying, ‘Aye, bruh, you gotta do something about those grays, they showing out!’”

He continued: “But honestly, I always had insecurities and hang-ups about my gray hair as a younger person. Now, I don’t mean to be ageist or any of that, but once I hit 40, it just felt like being gray was more age-appropriate.”

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