Snow Tha Product joins That Chick Angel on new “One Margarita (Margarita Song)” remix       

MC, actress, comedian, and host That Chick Angel  (Angel Laketa Moore) shares another imagination of her viral single “One Margarita (Margarita Song)” featuring Grammy nominated rapper Snow Tha Product. Snow’s addition to the track flips “One Margarita” into a bilingual romp, with Snow leaning into her bisexuality and Latin heritage with verses like, “She said to make it hurt / You know that I’m Mexican you know we put in work.”


What started as an off-the-cuff rap on Angel’s podcast “Here’s The Thing” with KevOnStage has become “One Margarita (Margarita Song)” and the song of the summer. Initially Angel’s response to a slut-shaming sermon by an Evangelical Christian pastor Sister Cindy on TikTok, “One Margarita’ came to be with the help of producers Carl Dixon (Casa Di) and Steve Terrell, To date, the song’s been streamed almost 12 million times, has inspired countless lip sync videos, and has also garnered support from Cardi B, Janelle Monae, Doechii, and more. As a Black female creator, Angel is fully owning her moment. “This was one of the first times that I felt like my content was resonating a lot with people who look nothing like me,” she shared in an interview with WIRED.

“One Margarita” has continued to find new life in remixes including some of hip-hop’s biggest rising stars starting with Saucy Santana. Saucy Santana delivers an incandescent rap verse that will have summer club crowds racing to the dance floor. Always sassy, sexy, and scintillating, Saucy is true to form as he quips “Give me one margarita Imma open my mouth, in the club p*ssy popping with my feet on the couch. I’m a bad bitch, make ‘em start a bottle war, get him for his pockets then I ask him what he crying for?.”

The accompanying music video for the “Saucy remix” features a cameo from supermodel Cindy Crawford. Released earlier this month, the video has garnered almost 1 million YouTube views. Directed by Jake Wilson (Lizzo, LattoAva Max) the clip features That Chick Angel in a gold glitter outfit and Saucy Santana in ice blue leather corset living their best lives as they party away at Silver Lake’s El Cid restaurant. Further cameos include the song’s producers Casa Di and Steve Terrell as bartenders charmed by Crawford, TikToker Terri Joe as a restaurant server, and Angel’s husband Marcus Tanksley as himself.

The “Ladies Remix” featuring Flo MilliSexyy Red, and FendiDa Rappa is as audacious as it is irreverent. The track utilizes the star power of three of hip-hop’s favorite female up-and-comers to amplify the original song’s message of women’s freedom and empowerment through sexuality. All four artists are in full ownership of their own desires, delivering bars that are naughty, profane, and delightfully unapologetic, with Flo Milli capturing the track’s ethos in just one line as she raps “Don Julio would turn me to a hoe”.


Angel Laketa Moore is an actress, host, influencer, and comedian. She most recently appeared on shows such as Netflix’s Atypical, AJ & The Queen, Disney’s Sydney to The Max & Saturdays, and CBS’ United States of Al & B Positive. She currently is the host of 3 successful weekly podcasts Here’s The Thing, Is This Going To Cause An Argument, and The Bald and The Beautiful. In 2021, she hosted a 37 city US national tour, Slightly Problematic, headlined by Kevonstage. She shares the hilarity of being a mom to 4 boys and wife to her quick-witted husband on social media as That Chick Angel to over 900K followers across various platforms. Angel is represented by Realm Talent and Framework Entertainment. Angel was a series regular on HBO A Black Lady Sketch Show season 4.


Casa Di (Carl Dixon) is a platinum selling music producer, TV & film editor. He has worked with the likes of Fall Out Boy, Jeezy, Chief Keef, Keri Hilson and more. He is signed to Mike Caren’s Artist Publishing Group. Casa Di is also known for his viral sounds and has amassed over 230k followers on TikTok.


Steve Terrell known as Official Steve Terrell, is a musician, songwriter, AND record producer. He’s the co-founder and CEO of House of EVO, a full service production company. His journey began with a remix for the song titled “Ride” by Somo in 2014. Since then, Terrell has had several viral hits including Beyoncé’s “I’m On To See My Husband,” and Lattos “My Man.” As an Army veteran he approaches every project with the goal to complete a successful mission and evolve anything he does.

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