Street-Styled BMX Athlete And Entrepreneur Nigel Sylvester Joins Linx Global Team

Nigel Sylvester, a BMX athlete, and visionary entrepreneur from the borough of Queens, New York, is renowned for his boundary-pushing endeavors as a new breed of athlete in modern culture. Sylvester has partaken in translating BMX street culture into a worldwide brand – always on the “GO” as his personal brand suggests. He has graced the fashion scene, embraced cocktail culture, and most recently plated his resume in gold, joining the jewelry industry.

Sylvester’s newly minted partnership with Linx Global underscores his unwavering dedication to lifestyle and excellence, complementing his work with notable brands like Mercedes, Nike, and even Bisquit & Dubouché cognac. He has found his stride in merging the cultures of a street-style lifestyle, and freestyle biking, similar to how other athletes bring adored products into their personal brands.

“My role consists of telling the story behind Linx and helping articulate the craftsmanship behind the product,” declares Sylvester. “My years of filmmaking and creative direction will prove key to this particular project, and I’m excited for the world to experience Linx.” There is more to his repertoire than just wheelies, as he indulges in experiences that he then shares with his audience.

Linx Global is already a renowned leader in crafting men’s and women’s necklaces and has proudly announced its collaboration and equity partnership with the BMX athlete and entrepreneur. This partnership reflects their shared values of quality, sustainability, and exceptional design, marking a significant step into the market for both, Linx Global and Nigel Sylvester.

“I’m excited and honored to join Linx Global as an equity partner and ambassador,” details Nigel Sylvester. “Their commitment to sustainability, storytelling, and production of premium goods in an ever-evolving industry redefines the jewelry landscape.”

Linx Global is known for its sustainably sourced, Italian-manufactured chains, celebrated for their impeccable craftsmanship and responsible practices. With their New York-based design team, they add modern sophistication to every piece, making them a preferred choice for individuals seeking elegance and consciousness.

Linx Global is raising its quality to become the top industry choice for versatile and attainable chains. Nigel Sylvester transcends BMX and creative storytelling to newer audiences, fusing street style and luxury fashion into Linx Global’s vision. This is what has Sylvester drawn to Linx Global, and vice versa for Linxn Global, as they create exceptional jewelry.

Nigel Sylvester has also become the featured model for Linx Global in their fall media campaign, amplifying their innovative vision and shared commitment to excellence. Sylvester notes, “All [of the Linx] goods are hand made by Italian crafter which provides the durability I can appreciate as an athlete.”

As Linx Global redefines luxury chains and sets a new standard for the modern connoisseur, the team expresses that “[Nigel Sylvester’s] energy, passion, and commitment to pushing boundaries make him an ideal partner.”

The Italian jewelry company concludes, “Together, we’ll continue to revolutionize the chain industry, creating pieces that resonate with individuals seeking the perfect balance of style and affordability.” For jewelry lovers, the Linx Global name will become more familiar as they develop a rapport with Sylvester and grow their jewelry offerings.

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