Stuck for manicure inspiration? These are the 5 shades everyone’s set to be wearing this summer

Looking for fresh and vibrant nails to last you through the summer months? Bright and colourful nails are the latest manicure trend – and they’re set to be worn by everyone this season…

We’ve seen ample 2024 nail trends so far, from French tip ombre nails to ‘Glass’ nails, and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Aside from the array of understated designs topping the list, some of this year’s popular manicures have been injected with colour – think Strawberry Pink nails and citrusy orange nail designs. But, whilst the current weather isn’t anywhere near summer-ready, the question still clouding every nail lover’s mind is what colour are we wearing throughout the sunny months?

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up the five bright nail shades that everyone’s set to be wearing this season – and they’re easy to recreate…

Why you should request bright nails at your next mani appointment

We’ve seen the softer, milky iterations but now the tables have turned and this summer is all about striking shades. Bright nails can be intimidating, we get it, especially if you’ve been enjoying the minimalist designs as of late. But, depending on how you decide to incorporate colour into your design, opting for a bold tone doesn’t always have to feel so daunting.

Whilst boasting a vibrant edge, these shades can be adapted to your go-to shape and length – whether you prefer short and subtle square nails or lengthened almond talons – for a more pared-back and refined feel.

Our bright nails staples

We say it time and time again, but don’t forget to apply a cuticle oil to keep your nails in tip-top condition – we’d recommend Beauty Pie’s Super Cuticle Kit.

In need of some visual inspiration? We’ve rounded up five of the bright nail shades everyone will be wearing this summer…

5 bright nails to wear this summer

1. Cobalt Blue Nails

This ocean-esque cobalt blue has us daydreaming of jetting off to the beach. To subtly tap into the bright colour trend, a French tip is a great way to add a pop of colour to a neutral mani. Nail the dainty art at home with a handy stamping tool – like this French Tip Stamper from Nail HQ.

2. Leafy Green nails

Reminiscent of all things nature, this leafy green is a unique take on typical summer nails. This polished look works great on any nail shape, but especially a square nail shape – as you can see.

3. Sunshine Yellow nails

We’ve seen butter yellow nails and lemon yellow French tips, but now we’re welcoming in the latest zingy iteration, Sunshine yellow. This sunny yellow hue, combined with the short preened square shape, instantly makes for a summer-ready mani.

4. Citrus Orange nails

This citrusy Aperol-esque shade works beautifully as a rounded French tip on an elongated almond shape – which can easily be achieved with BIAB or professional extensions.

5. Apple red nails

When is red not an ‘in’ nail colour? This juicy apple red mani doesn’t just work great for summer, but it’s a timeless classic in our manicure rotation.

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