Syrup Nails Are the Latest Mani Trend Taking Off on TikTok

K-beauty has yet again inspired another rising mani trend. This time it’s the turn of syrup nails, which are steadily gaining clout on TikTok, having already generated nearly 10 million views. So we asked Jin Soon Choi, pro celebrity nail artist and founder of nail brand Jinsoon, to run us through everything we need to know about the delicious aesthetic.

What are syrup nails?

Exactly as sweet as they sound, “syrup nails replicate the appearance of liquid syrup, akin to the glossy, high-shine finish of jelly nails,” says Choi. “Achieved using either gel or regular nail polish along with a glossy topcoat, this nail style gives a lustrous, wetlike sheen across the nails. Given their fresh and lightweight nature, these nails have gained popularity as a trend suitable for everyday wear.”

And since the trend centers around the finish more than the shade, there’s lots of room for personalization. “The effect can be in a variety of colors and shades,” says Choi. “White, pink, coral, and purple are particularly popular, as is a milky syrup finish.” 

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How to create syrup nails

The good news is you can treat yourself to syrup nails in the salon or have a go at home. “The idea is to mix any colors with the base coat to achieve the appearance of a translucent syrup hue,” explains Choi, who recommends a one-to-two ratio. “Some achieve this look through the layering of syrupy nail polish, while others opt for an ombré-like effect.”

How to create ombré syrup nails

Ombré nails are trending in their own right at the moment. But for a dewy twist you can graduate the colors from light to dark while keeping the finish glossy and syrupy. The ombré Frenchie is particularly popular. “This technique starts with a pure white at the nail tips and gradually becomes sheer as you move upward, resulting in a natural appearance without distinct boundaries,” says Choi.

“To achieve a clear syrupy color, mix a pure white nail color with the clear base coat at a ratio of one-to-one for the nail tips,” she says. “Or, for a lighter syrup effect, use a ratio of one-to-two or one-to-three, especially if you don’t have a sheer cream-finish nail polish.”

  1. Start by applying a base coat.
  2. Take a straight sponge, tap it into the mixed color, and gently press it onto foil or vinyl to reduce the amount of polish on the sponge. Then gently tap the sponge from the nail’s end toward the top.
  3. Similarly, create darker ends for the second and third layers.
  4. Apply one or two coats of Jinsoon Dew (or another sheer organza white polish) all over the nails. The white border will disappear, creating a soft syrupy gradient.
  5. Finish by applying a glossy topcoat. This final step completes the white syrupy gradient, giving the illusion of flowing condensed milk.

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