“Tesehki whooped ET a**”: Baddies East Reunion fans react to dramatic fight

Baddies East Reunion part 2 aired on Zeus Network on Sunday, February 18, at 8 pm EST/ 5 pm PST. The show follows the interactions between several young women living together as they participate in promotional events, often involving verbal and physical fights.

Season 4 of the reality TV show wrapped its final episode titled You Gotta Handle Her on January 21, which left viewers counting down the days to the reunion. The first part of the reunion, which was released on February 11, witnessed tons of drama among the cast members. Now, after the release of the newest episode, the physical altercation between ET and Tesehki has become a significant talking point among fans.

Considering ET, aka Etheria “Scarface” Ruffin, and Latifa “Tesehki” Malone had resolved their differences before the event, their violent confrontation came as a massive shock for fans. An X user, @Ayy_NessaJayy, reacted to their fight, writing:

“Tesehki whooped ET a**. ET had hella chances too, especially in that last round.”

Several users highlighted on social media that ET was only seen swinging her hands throughout the fight, but the punches that Tesehki threw landed the best.

Fans react to Tesehki vs ET from Baddies East Reunion

Fans reaction to Tesehki vs ET on Baddies East Reunion (Image via X/@Ayy_NessaJayy)
Fans reaction to Tesehki vs ET on Baddies East Reunion (Image via X/@Ayy_NessaJayy)

Fans expected part two of Baddest East Reunion to serve as a platform to resolve disputes. However, it brought out some of the dramatic dynamics between the cast members. The event, hosted by Real Housewives star NeNe Leakes and Baddies South‘s Janeisha John, soon erupted into chaos as several fights broke out on set.

In one of the episodes, ET confronted Tesehki about making fun of her in a live broadcast, for which the latter apologized, per Hello Beautiful. They buried the hatched with a hug, and during the whole season, fans didn’t see the duo fight. Inching closer to the reunion, ET reportedly began calling out Tesehki on social media. Later, fans saw the two fighting in a duel that lasted multiple rounds on the Baddies East reunion special.

According to a report by BNN Breaking, ET’s security personnel claimed that her fight with Tesehki was so intense that Zeus Network’s security had to allegedly resort to flashing a firearm to check on the situation.

At one point during the fight, ET reportedly tumbled because of the carpet, and fans note she was also “swimming for her life like crazy.” It appears to viewers that Tesehki came out of fighting ET multiple times without any scratches or bruises. The Baddies East reunion has sparked a flurry of reactions, with some condemning or defending individual cast members.

Ahead of the Baddies East Reunion, ET reflected on her fight with Tesehki on The Liddy Show. She said:

“The first round, I dropped her and when I dropped her that’s when they jumped me. The second round -– it was a couple of hits in but, she had hit me and I tried to back up and there were two rugs.”

She recalled tumbling on the carpet during the fight and added:

“There was a carpet on top of a carpet, and I tripped and I fell back. I’m like, ‘Oh man, they going to edit that in her favor.’ I got back up and was like, ‘Let me run another one.’ We ran that one and that’s when the bonnet went over my head. It was a good fight.”

Several Baddies East Reunion fans believe Tesehki “ate” ET up in their fight. Some of the talking points about their violent confrontation included discussions on hair pulling, the headshots braved by the cast members, and Tesehki’s consistent blows, among others.

Those interested can watch the fight between Tesehki and ET Baddies East Reunion, released on February 18, by subscribing to The Zeus Network.

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