The Best Designs To Become The Nail Art Queen In September

In September, the so-called “Mexican nails” are gaining popularity, inspired by one or more elements of the country’s culture, which, while perfect for Mexican nights, is a bit over the top for those who are looking for nail designs that are less burdened. An Alternative to looking beautiful in this last phase of summer consists of wearing the nails in a sober, natural, and combinable color.

so lucky that Naked will be your best ally in September And even all fall, a season when you can combine this shade with the already viral chocolate nails, perfect for the most daring who want to express their rebellious nature in the office, in social service, or at school. However, there are also less scandalous ways to wear this nail art, such as mixing up nude nails with some glitter details.

Although pastel pink is the color to avoid in your manicure during the ninth month of the year, it’s interesting September 2023 will also be the perfect setting to revive the nude tones that stick to pink and convey an image of vintage That goes back to the so-called “rosewood,” a tone you can choose if you don’t want to say goodbye to pink.

Simple and elegant nails for 2023

If you are looking for any simple short nails something you can do to add a distinctive touch to your manicure is to use a strategic combination of polishes that can play with the matte finish and glossy applications to create sophisticated designs that are worthy of an elegant one-on-one meeting or a work meeting.

However, we must not neglect this There are nails that shine with their simplicity and thus fit into the so-called minimalist trend, which follows some nails that shine and manage simplicity and are quite attractive despite the abandonment of large decorations.

The best thing is that for nails of this style, you only need two items, which can range from gold nail tape to leaves that give a super autumnal touch to your nail art, which can be presented in shades of brown or white as shown below.

Fashionably decorated nail designs

If you are planning an important event in September, it is best to bet on it The most popular nail decorations do not need to look overly saturated for this reason, since attention can be focused on every detail of your manicure and not get lost under the excessive decorations of your nails.

A Behavior esthetic To wear your nails bare is to play with the different surfaces, which alone can create an artistic effect in your hands. However, if you want to add even more detail, we recommend asking your manicurist to add some rhinestones to the design.

And since gold is the color that pairs best with the classic nude You can dare to wear nails that have a random decoration that takes advantage of this metallic hue, which is ideal for those who want to sport an eye-catching and fashionable manicure.

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