The Booty Smacking World Championships Are Here To Make Sports Violent Again

It seems like every day as time passes by, sports are getting progressively softer. You’re barely allowed to hit anymore. Head contact has been completely taken out of the game. Heck, leagues are even starting to penalize athletes for celebrating because it doesn’t promote good sportsmanship. 

I’m sorry but when I think about athletics, I need to see a battle. Sports were originally created thousands of years ago as training exercises for war preparation. Now you have to basically ask permission before beating your opponent because everybody cares too much about the physical and emotional safety of athletes. It makes me sick. 

But this booty slapping competition? Well that’s exactly what sports are all about. Just two athletes in the arena going to battle against one another. A test of strength, skill, concentrated power of will, pleasure, pain, and 100% to remember the name. Also, it’s a Friday in August and you perverts really just wanted to see some butts so the blog could have just ended there. 


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