The Cherry Cola Lip Hack Celebrity Makeup Artists Swear By To Take Years Off Your Look

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Coca Cola Cherry may not have the cache of other soft drinks in the beverage world, but beauty lovers still turn to it for makeup inspiration. The latest viral TikTok beauty trend doesn’t disappoint: cherry cola lips, which you’ll find by searching #CherryColaLip, has amassed millions of views for its sweet reinterpretation of the classic deep-red carbonated treat. It helps continue our flirtation with all-things ‘90s, thanks to its red-brown hue and reliance on lip liner to plump up lips and make them look juicy and colorful. 

Best of all: it provides dimension on lips, which helps make thinner lips appear fuller. 

Here’s an effortless guide to achieving this simple, on-trend lip look. 

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Start With Lip Liner

A lip liner is a key tool needed to create this look. Start off with a brownish or slightly darker nude lip liner. Line your upper and lower lips, paying close attention to the corners of lips and the bow to achieve a poutier look. One to try: Victoria Beckham Beauty Lip Liner in #5



Add a Reddish Tone On Top 

Step two: add a red-brown or pinkish-brown lipstick or balm on top — the key here is selecting one with earthy undertones to achieve that retro ‘90s vibe. 

Some great picks to consider: 

Glossier Ultralip in Pony (Glossier

Kylie Cosmetics Tinted Butter Balm in Moving On (Kylie Cosmetics)



Top Things Off With Gloss

A dimensional lip consists of three layers of lip color and product: lip liner to outline your lips, a colorful balm or lipstick, and a dab of gloss in the middle of lips that can make lips pop. 

You can opt for a clear gloss that highlights your lipstick or balm color or one with an added tint in a reddish-brown shade. 

Some great options: 

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Hot Chocolit 

Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss in Crystal 

e.l.f Glossy Lip Stain in Spicy Sienna 



There isn’t one way to achieve Cherry Cola Lips, nor are there specific products that will help create the dimension and juicy color you want. The beautiful thing about this trend is that it lends itself to myriad luxury AND discount lip liners, lip balms, and glosses — plus, it’s the perfect summer-to-fall beauty look that makes your makeup transition into cooler weather times that much more seamless. 

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