The Demi Method Makeup Technique, Explained

Paige Sevier posted a super interesting video on TikTok demonstrating the Demi Method makeup technique, revealing exactly how she uses different cream products to target specific areas of her face. She began by restoring and balancing her skin. “It’s much easier to add a little bit of dark in the lighter areas of the face than to completely brighten all of the dark parts of your face,” she explained in the clip. Sevier used a neutral red shade and a neutral violet in order to counteract the yellow or green tones in her skin. She then moved on to the second step: contouring. She used a light hand and some bronzer to create a little definition on the face in a natural-looking way.

Next up, Sevier added some strategic blush placement to her cheeks before using color correction again to even out things like blemishes and undereye shadows. She used a muted orange under her eyes to disguise dark shadows and defined the sockets of her eyes with a brown shadow. She then covered any blemishes with a yellow/orange shade to counteract the color of her blemishes. “Most people will say you need a green but usually it’s the excess purple and blue that’s coming through,” she explained.

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