The Hermès Birkin is the Inspiration for Fall’s Hottest Handbags

In the handbag world, the pendulum tends to swing from micro to macro and hands-free to hands-on construction every few years, yet the Hermès Birkin has remained a singular luxury item that has endured in the face of countless trends. Its celebrity-adored status and consistently high value over time have made it one of the most coveted bags in history and, not to mention, one of the most elusive given its expensive price tag.

Although the Birkin is as timeless as it gets, there’s no question that it’s having another moment in the spotlight right now. With a rise in what some are calling an “old money” aesthetic or more generally the quiet-luxury look, it makes sense that a status symbol as storied as the Birkin would make more appearances on the arms of the style set. But the bag’s influence is reaching farther than ever right now and we’re noticing a spike not only in Birkin-carriers but also in new handbags that take inspiration from the Birkin’s structured top-handle shape and front-clasp hardware.

In their fall 2023 collections, designers introduced their interpretation on the classic bag but reimagined for the modern wardrobe. From Ferragamo’s Hug Pouch Bag to The Row’s Margaux Tote, continue on to discover the Birkin-inspired handbags that pay homage to the inimitable carryall.

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