The Hermès Birkin Is the Most Popular Luxury Handbag on the Market, According to Search Data

Out of all the luxury handbags on the market, one continues to reign supreme. 

The Birkin remains the most coveted bag across the world, according to data from Google searches and Instagram obtained by Slingo, Women’s Wear Daily reported. Between 2020 and 2023, searches for the French label’s tote averaged 159,208. It has increased in popularity by 19 percent, as searches in 2020 averaged 149,000 monthly. 

The bag’s acclaim is remarkable given its price. The most affordable Birkins cost at least $10,000, while others made of rarer materials can set you back six-figures. For instance, the diamond Himalayan Birkin 30—which contains crocodile skin and encrusted diamonds—was sold for $450,000 in 2022, WWD reported. 

The price point has added to the bag’s exclusivity, which has, it turn, increased its desirability. Like certain luxury watches, the bag isn’t easy to get your hands on—even if you want to pony up the cash. They can’t be bought off of the shelves from an Hermès boutique. A sales associate has to offer a client the opportunity to acquire the bag, and that comes usually after said client has built up a purchasing reputation with the company. Additionally, individual boutiques can only order a certain number of bags twice per year. All of the above are reasons could be why a Birkin may be a better investment than a Banksy.

The Birkin is among the popular bags among female rappers. The bag makes an appearance in Nicki Minaj’s song “Wamables.” Cardi B has amassed a large collection of the bags. She even gave her “WAP” collaborator Megan Thee Stallion a custom Birkin when the song hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Latto claimed in a song that her Birkin led to the “Put It On Da Floor” hitmaker being detained at LAX because it carried a firearm. 

As for Slingo’s other findings, the second most popular designer bag was Louis Vuitton’s, with an average monthly search volume of 126,729, up from 114,833 in 2020, WWD reported. Gucci’s Marmont bag ranked number three on the list, with an average monthly search volume of 82,375, becoming a staple for the Italian fashion house. 

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