The Ombre Concealer Technique Truly Does It All – Here’s How To Master It

While there are no hard truths about how to apply makeup, there are a few essential tips that makeup artists have advised when it comes to ombré concealer. For example, celebrity makeup artist Kim Baker shared some guided tips to follow. “It needs to hit the top of the cheekbone and don’t go too far down, where the contour line would be,” she explained to Elle. “Right at the top of the apple and going toward the ear is where you want your blush to be.” Staying within the upper half of your face will ultimately provide the best look. In addition, stick to similar textures beyond branding (i.e don’t mix creams with powders, etc.).

For melanated skin, warm and earthy tones are best. For lighter skin, peachy and cool tones are preferred. If you’re somewhere in between or are still discovering what suits your skin tone best, feel free to experiment with buildable products until you find what feels right. Once you’ve achieved a familiarity with your skin tone, you’ll understand that less is more. Since you’ll be using a number of products, opt for ingredients that don’t leave cakey remnants and aim to build coverage with lighter products for everyday use. We can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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