The TikTok Nail Art Hack That Shows You How To Paint Salon-Worthy Flowers At Home

As soon as we saw @zacrylics’s video teaching viewers how to create the hibiscus nail design, we became obsessed with it. In the clip, the TikToker applies white dots in a circular outline on the canvas. The dots are close together, but not touching each other. Then, they add more dots to a few areas outside the circle, creating corners. Using an ultra-slim nail brush tool, the TikToker creates tiny lines, pulling the middle of the dots closer to the center of the circle, creating the flower. After this, they add a curved line from the middle of the floral hibiscus shape to the outside and some more dots, finishing off the striking hibiscus flower-inspired art.

While you might be able to create the dots with a toothpick, we recommend investing in a nail art tool for more precision, as shown in the TikTok video. For example, the 5 pc 2 Way Dotting Pen Tool Nail Art Tip Dot Paint Manicure Kit sells for under $5 on Amazon. Furthermore, you’ll benefit from using a slim nail brush like @zacrylics did in the tutorial, such as the Winstonia Pro Nail Art Long Striping Brush Striper Pen, available for under $10 on Amazon.

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