These 20 Nail Colors Are a Must for March Manis, According to Nail Artists

March is a cusp month—part winter, part spring. While the majority of the month falls in the former season, most people can’t help but feel excited for the warmer, longer days and budding blooms bound to fill them. This idea is reflected in our collective adoption of pastel colors and occasional vibrant hues, which can be seen in our March wardrobes, makeup applications, and, yes, even our nails. 

“When it comes to my favorite spring nail polish colors, I’m drawn to pastel hues like baby blue, lavender, and mint green,” says Nailing Hollywood manicurist Hang Nguyen.
“These colors feel light, airy, and refreshing—capturing the feelings of springtime.”

If you’re not ready to fully lean into cheerful pops of color, Nailing Hollywood CEO Mazz Hanna suggests taking an ashier, more muted approach with your nails. 

“In mid-March, nail shades with subtle gray undertones offer a smooth transition from winter to spring color palettes,” she explains. “Colors with a touch of gray keep the vibe cool but hint at the warmer days ahead as spring approaches. Then, once we reach springtime towards the end of March, it’s all about those bright pastels and higher saturation colors that complement the vibes of spring.”

To give you a better sense of the most suitable spring polish shades, ahead, find 20 fabulous March nail colors, according to the pros.



“Soft lavender is perfect for mid-March when transitioning from winter shades into spring shades,” Hanna says, recommending Chanel Le Vernis in the shade 135 Immortelle. “It adds a touch of color without being too bold while also highlighting the sense of freshness and renewal we experience during the springtime.”



For a neutral shift into springtime pastels, Hanna recommends Gelcare UV Gel Nail Polish in the shade Alabaster Pink—which admittedly leans more oatmeal in tone. “This is the perfect soft-toned neutral for early March,” she says. “It’s subtle yet sophisticated and a versatile option for those times when you aren’t sure if you’re ready to fully transition into spring shades yet.”

Powder Blue

@dazzle_dry / Instagram

“[Powder blue] is a great option for late March when you’re ready to embrace a little more saturation in your color palette,” Hanna says, recommending Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer in the shade Lotion, Please! “It’s a classic springtime color that pairs well with other pastels and neutrals.” Above, the shade is overlaid with a sheer shimmery top coat.

Cool Mint Green

Olive & June

According to Hanna, refreshing cool mint green shades embody the beginning of spring. “It’s the perfect option for transitioning from cold winter months to warmer spring days,” she says. As for an exact shade recommendation, we love the new Olive & June Long Lasting Nail Polish in the shade Corrigan, which was created as part of the brand’s spring collection in partnership with author Colleen Hoover. 

(No time to paint your nails? Make the perfect mani easier than ever with the Olive & June Corrigan Tab Press-Ons, $8.)

Grass Green


Thrilled about the idea of fresh lawn scents filling the air before we know it? Capture that vibe on your nails with the Gucci Glossy Nail Polish in the shade Melinda Green.

Peachy Pink


“Orly’s Danse With Me is a pastel peachy pink that captures the warmth and beauty of springtime,” Hanna reveals. “It’s a playful shade that’s perfect for welcoming the arrival of spring towards the end of March.”

Grayish Baby Blue

Dazzle Dry

For an early to mid-March mani, consider grayish baby blue polish. “Dazzle Dry’s Moonlight Nail Lacquer is a gray-toned blue that’s great for those looking for a more subtle, minimalistic transition shade,” Hanna says. “It’s great for mid-March and will pair well with any outfit and occasion.”

Shimmery Sheer Blue

Olive & June

Pale, shimmery blue is a polish shade that works equally well for the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The Olive & June Long Lasting Nail Polish in the shade Same Day Next Year is a great choice (Especially for book lovers, as it’s based on Colleen Hoover’s book, November 9).

Dusty Mint


If you love the idea of a cool mint mani but aren’t ready for something quite as bright, Hanna says to take a dustier approach. Specifically, she recommends the Gelcare Dusty Mint UV Gel Nail Polish for its “creamy muted mint” tone that works well for early to mid-March.

Dusty Pale Pink


“Dusty Rose by Gelcare is a gorgeous faded pink that works beautifully with any skin tone,” Hanna says, applauding the shade for March and early spring. “This is a great option for those looking for an elegant shade that adds a touch of warmth and romance.”

Pastel Yellow

Manucurist Paris

“Pastel yellow shades are perfect for late March,” Hanna says. “It’s light and bright and makes me think of warm weather and daffodils.” Specifically, she loves the Manicurist Paris Mimosa Nail Polish. “Its creamy formula and beautiful bottle is an added bonus,” she says.

Sheer Jelly Pink

Manucurist Paris

Don’t feel like you have to go totally opaque in March. A sheer wash of color works, too. “Manicurist Active Glow is like your nails, but better—it’s a subtle enhancement that makes you feel effortlessly polished,” Hanna says. “It’s the perfect option for those looking to focus on optimizing their health and give their nails a boost of rejuvenation after the harsh winter weather.”

Pastel Neon Peach


“This neon pastel orange is perfect for welcoming the warmth of springtime,” Hanna says, recommending Gelcare UV Gel Nail Polish in the shade Fuzzy Peach. “It’s the perfect compliment to a sunkissed glow.”

Baby Blue


For an ever so slightly brighter pastel blue, Nguyen recommends Essie’s Kiss and Spell Nail Polish. “I love this shade because it’s like wearing a piece of the sky on your nails,” she says. “It gives off a calm and sunny vibe, just like springtime.”

Red Apple

@julieknailsnyc / Instagram

The way celebrity nail artist Julie Kandalec sees it, red nails are always in season. While she typically used a layered approach to create custom nail colors (like she did for the manicure above), a great singular option is the Les Mains Hermès in the shade 64 Rouge Casaque.

Pale Lavender


If you love baby blue hues but want a hint more purple, Nguyen recommends DND’s Lavender Haze. “This is the perfect soft lavender shade for the transition into warmer weather during early spring,” she says.

Metallic Lavender

Lights Lacquer

Honestly, any pastel shades that are metallicized work well for March manis, as they honor the lingering shimmering snow of winter while anticipating the warmth of spring. This lavender option is one of our favorites, though. It’s the Lights Lacquer Birthday Wishes Nail Polish.

Sheer Blush


Another of Kandalec’s go-tos for springtime is a sheer blush polish. She particularly likes Peacći Nail Polish in the shade Jane’s Jewels, which features a semi-sheer blush base infused with gold fleck.


Color Dept.

The Color Dept. Kiwi Juice Nail Polish is the perfect chartreuse green. It’s a shade that can truly work from spring through autumn, with its light, bright, semi-dusty allure.

Opalescent Coral Pink

Lights Lacquer

If you have trouble choosing a single March nail color, consider opting for a polish that embodies a few. The Lights Lacquer Wings & Things Nail Polish is an iridescent number with hints of peach, pink, green, and lavender—depending on how the light hits.

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