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Baddie, Baddie shot o’clock!

If watching Zeus Network is your guilty pleasure like it is mine, the Baddies East cast has finally been announced and some of our favorite reality TV personalities made the roster. And some of our favorite Bad Girls Club alum and baddies are also returning.

Natalie Nunn, Chrisean Rock, Stunna Girl, Rollie, Scottie, and DJ Sky are returning to Baddies this season, joining newcomers (but not new to the scene) Sky formerly of Black Ink Crew, Woah Vicky from social media fame, Mariah Lynn of Love & Hip Hop popularity, Bad Girls Club album Camila, Siya from Sisterhood of Hip Hop and newbies Tee, Teseski, Smiley, and Ahna Mac with a special guest appearance by Sukihana.

Sukihana was a judge at the Baddies West auditions so we aren’t surprised to see the Casamigos rapper making a cameo this season.

The drama has already begun to unfold between Mariah Lynn and Smiley, who posted a video of what appears to be a piece blonde lace from a wig or closure and Mariah diamond chain.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the trailer, which will give us a better look at how the ladies are getting along or not. Executive Producer and HBIC, Natalie Nunn, briefly spoke about the success of the Baddies franchise and what she expects from the new baddies this season.

“I want to see all the new baddies really do their big ones so it’s really important to me to see all the baddest girls come make their impact on the culture and in Hollywood and their thing,” she told The Buzz.

Baddies East doesn’t have a premiere date yet, but check back in a few for that update!


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These Realty TV Favorites Are Joining The Cast Of Zeus Network’s ‘Baddies East’ 
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