These Twitch Streamers Are All About The Good Inclusive Vibes

When we started Refinery29 Twitch almost a year ago, we knew we wanted to use it not only to provide a fun, safe space for women and non-binary folks to share in their love of gaming, but also to spotlight the pros, gamers, and streamers who are pushing the status quo in the industry both online and IRL. But with a vast world of content creators competing for attention on Twitch alone, finding streamers who you love can be a challenge. 
Enter Tuesday Takeovers, where we invite some of our fave under-the-radar streamers onto our channel to do what they do best: game. Think of it as the Discover Weekly of Twitch where you’ll have two hours of guaranteed entertainment weekly, while also discovering talented streamers who are more than worthy of you clicking the follow or subscribe button. Ahead, read on to meet the Twitch streamers who are all about inclusivity, connecting with others, and having fun. 
Katie aka thegeminibean loves coffee, crocheting and cozy games. Her streams are *very* chat heavy so get your keyboards ready to join the convo. Her main goal is to curate a safe space for everyone to be themselves and feel comfortable to interact with the community. She also has a shop where you can buy merch and her handmade crocheted plushies and stickers!!
Call her Jerbifer, Jerbi, Jerry, or just Jen, but this “Valo-riety” streamer mostly focuses on Valorant with a fun mix of story games and other variety picks. Come here for the cozy, sometimes chaotic, but always good vibes. Jerbifer also offers streaming advice and loves to interact with her chat about her makeup routine and products, fitness, climbing, food, music, and her favorite shows like Alice in Borderland and Too Hot To Handle.
Mikfoolery, or Mikki for short, is a variety gamer and event manager for Team Neat Dude who’s been streaming since 2020 and loves building community, creating fun memories, and bringing people together for a good time. They’re open to speaking on respectful conversations about gender identity, queerness, and sexuality. Mikki also loves to discuss their experience with gaming — they have a long history with The Sims and farming sims alike. Consider swinging by their stream to say hi sometime!
We’ve all had those moments where we’ve opened Netflix, only to close it after a few minutes of aimless scrolling because we can’t decide what to watch. SherrySnax is the perfect streamer for those occasions. A variety streamer in the truest sense of the word, you can find her streaming about a wide range of topics, including cosplay, RPGs like Zelda and Final Fantasy, self-care, and even cooking and baking.
ChelseaBytes is a computer scientist and on-camera host who uses her streams as a way to show that geeks can defy any and all stereotypes about how they’re “supposed” to look or act. During her Tuesday Takeover, she played the indie adventure game Journey, but as a variety streamer you can catch the Twitch partner talking about pretty much anything — as long as a safe and inclusive space is being upheld. When she’s not live on her channel, she’s also busy working as a Lead in the Twitch Women’s Guild, which is a community that aims to amplify women’s voices across Twitch and provide more opportunities and resources for their personal and professional growth. 
itsHilaryMason has a bachelor’s degree in storytelling and a master’s in fiction writing, so it’s probably obvious that she loves any and everything related to stories. The Twitch partner uses that background and passion in her streams, diving into the immersive worlds of RPGs and MMOs like Final Fantasy XIV and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. A huge proponent for advancing the rights of women, people of color, and queer communities, especially when it comes to representation in gaming, Hilary also just wants to make sure her streams feel joyful and like a place where you can chat with friends. 
Cozy, happy vibes abound when it comes to MeliaJanae’s Twitch channel. A frequent player of Stardew Valley and Dead by Daylight, MeliaJanae uses her streams to spread body positivity, inclusiveness, and always helpful fashion advice. Think of her as your online hype squad, essentially. Aside from gaming, the variety streamer also hosts live dance parties that will get you up on your feet. 
If you’re a horror fan, you need to be watching Ghostbunbun. With a focus on games like Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil, they will chat about anything related to the fan-fave genre during their streams, from the latest in horror games, films, icons, and everything in between. Ghostbunbun really makes an effort to interact with the audience, so if you find yourself screaming in (exciting) terror during their streams, then the mission is accomplished. 
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