Thieves strike at businessman’s house, flee with booty worth Rs 70L

HYDERABAD: A businessman in Jubilee Hills fell victim of a major theft of Rs 70 lakh at his residence on Thursday.

The complainant — DVS Somaraju — in his complaint stated that he along with his family members including his wife Padma Suryakumari, and two sons, went to attend a wedding in the month of March. According to the reports, on April 4, upon returning from the wedding, the family discovered that their valuables kept in the bedroom’s safe had been stolen. When they checked the wardrobe for jewellery on April 15, they found no trace of the ornaments.

Among the missing items are 100 grams of gold biscuits, gold bangles, a diamond necklace, and three more gold biscuits, totaling an estimated worth of Rs 70 lakh. Additionally, the complainant mentioned suspicions regarding domestic help and servants, as there were indications that the theft might have been an inside job.

The Jubilee Hills police are pursuing the case and have launched a thorough investigation into the matter.

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