This Celebrity-Loved 3D Chrome Manicure Is Popping All Over the Internet: All the Details

If a manicure could say a thousand words, the latest nail aesthetic to protrude from the celebrity beauty sphere is making the message loud and clear. 

Yes, the cuticle-focused Russian manicure and coquettish blueberry milk nails are still in their heyday, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for one more trend.

Say hello to the 3D chrome manicure, the groovy nail art popular among Hollywood’s hottest stars and their equally haute manicurists.

Unlike the recent fashion and beauty trends that have taken the internet by storm – including tomato girl-core and latte makeup – this craze doesn’t have a kitschy name to belong to. However, its dimensional, futuristic look is enough to make a statement on its own. 

Read ahead for what you need to know about this next-level mani.

Nails of LA/Instagram

What Is the 3D Chrome Manicure?

Neither three-dimensional sets nor chromatic claws are new concepts. However, this fad proves that the two can coexist in manicure heaven. 

The key to nailing the look is having a textured metallic swirl – silver, gold or any metallic hue of your liking – snaking its way across or down the sides of the nails, skillfully laid on the tip itself, or outlining the silhouette of the nails, which proves to be the perfect happy medium. The curvy line can either be drawn or molded into a thick or thin sticker-like adornment.

Thankfully, there’s no one way you can rock the trend.

“Low-key” styles include the classic French with bubbly edges in place of the expected white tip, as well as a simple one-colored bases decorated with a sinuous accent on top.

But if you’re looking to be a little more out there, there’s plenty of inspiration for that too. Pros online have created dizzying sets featuring squiggly waves on top of mix-and-match color palettes or already complex patterns. for that in-your-face appeal.

Nails of LA/Instagram

Who’s Wearing the Trend Right Now?

One of the most influential celebs in the manicure department is Megan Fox. Her talons have been the center of conversation for a while now thanks to celebrity artist Brittney Boyce, who goes by @nails_of_la on Instagram.

Recently, the nail expert – who was also partly in charge of Machine Gun Kelly’s $30,000 Billboard Music Awards diamond set – decorated Fox’s almond-shaped nails with intertwining gunmetal-colored swooshes, outlined in black, on top of a clear base. The results: a space-like webbed look.

And just last week, Fox debuted a milky monochromatic manicure coated with clear 3D details resembling water droplets. 


Keke Palmer also took a stylish stab at the trend as seen in her Instagram photo dump of a recent White Sox game in Chicago, where she did the honors of throwing the first pitch. 

Even her long, multi-colored, coffin-shaped nails couldn’t stop her from serving on the baseball field. Each of her fingernails was painted over with a different tie-dye design, and were all ornamented with the 3D chrome effect. 

In the K-Pop world, Jisoo of BLACKPINK modeled the chromatic craze in the girl group’s “Pink Venom” music video released last August, way before the hype even started. The moment may be hard to miss, but if you pause at just the right frame, the singer’s hardware-like silver-pink nails captivate through the screen.

Here’s How to Get It

From the looks of the tutorials shared to TikTok, 3D chrome nails appear as though they require a level of dexterity that can only be honed through practice.

The how-to clips show plenty of handy nail artists carefully applying a clear flexible gel, whether that be a builder, rhinestone glue or nail extension gel. Once the pliable goo of your picking is slowly and meticulously worked into twists with a thin-tipped brush, nail art pen or fingers, and cured and hardened, you can paint over the shape with a colored polish, glitter or chrome powder. You can even skip out on the extra step if you want achieve a convincing water-like ripple.

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