This Sofia Richie Grainge-Approved Nail Polish Shade Is So Luxe For Fall

Whether you call it “quiet luxury,” “stealth wealth,” or “old money aesthetic,” the viral concept has grown tenfold since gaining popularity during Sofia Richie Grainge’s wedding weekend this spring, and it isn’t going away any time soon. The trend has expanded well beyond bridal fashion since Grainge’s April nuptials — it’s popping up in beauty, home decor, and even hotels. For fall, quiet luxury nail polish colors are having a moment, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased with all of the stealth wealth hues coming for your manicures.

If you’re trying to achieve quiet luxury nails, you may want to put bold nail art on hold. Instead, reach for more pared-back, neutral shades. Hermès’ Gris Étoupe is one of my personal favorites right now. The warm gray hue reminds me of my favorite linen blazer that I like to wear in the early fall, and it looks beautiful on a variety of skin tones. If gray isn’t totally your vibe, channel the hot coffee you’ll be drinking all season with J.Hannah’s Carob. The rich brown tone will look so chic against your luxe suede bag this fall. However, quiet luxury nails don’t have to be neutral. Essie’s Bordeaux is the perfect deep maroon hue for fall, because who doesn’t want their nails to match their glass of red wine?

Before heading to the nail salon this fall, get inspired by this list of quiet luxury nail polish shades I’m currently coveting.

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