This surprising technique will give you the easiest snakeskin nails

When it’s done curing, wipe off the bubbles to reveal your snakeskin design. Michelle recommends the PLA Non-Wipe Top Coat, which doesn’t have a tacky feel to it post-curing. Unfortunately, this product is only available in the US but a good alternative is the Mylee Mygel No Wipe Top Coat, which is sold on Sephora.

Jin Soon suggests some alternatives that won’t get you quite the same look but offer a similar effect sans water or gel polish. For a relatively easy option, she says that a dotting tool can give you a sort of snakeskin look. After applying your base coat of polish and topcoat and letting them dry, you can use a dotting tool to “apply small dots of nail polish to your nails randomly.”

Then gently blend the edges of the dots together using a toothpick before applying another layer of topcoat to seal the design.

If you’re into arts and crafts and happen to have some spare tulle lying around, Jin Soon says that you could use it to create your design too. She recommends using a metallic or moody base. “Place small-sized tulle netting over the nails,” she says. “The base color doesn’t need to be completely dry; the net marks will add a 3D finish resembling snake scales.”

Then pour a small amount of gold, pearl, or black polish onto a piece of foil and dab a sponge into the polish. Before you place it over the netting, though, dab it onto a clean area of the foil to remove some of the polish. Finish by stamping it on your nail over the tulle and voilà: a two-tone snakeskin design.

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Which colour nail polish looks best with bubble nails?

There are lots of buzzy colour trends right now like mocha, matcha, and milky (apparently, we love beverage-inspired names that start with m) that would look great paired with a snakeskin print. “White, blue, and green shades all work really well with this look,” says Michelle.

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