This Waterproof Headwear is a Stylish and Practical Choice for Black Women

woman smiling in sunglasses hoop earrings wearing hair wrap or turban

Image via CBS Philadelphia, AQUA Waterproof Headwear.

AQUA Waterproof Headwear offers headgear for Black women that allows them to be active without worrying about their hair.

AQUA Waterproof Headwear offers headgear for Black women that is the perfect fusion of flair and practicality allowing them to be active without worrying about ruining their hairstyles, writes Aziza Shuler for CBS Philadelphia.

The inventive headwraps and turbans were created by West Philly native Khadijah Robinson, who wanted to make sure Black women could swim, work out, and do a plethora of other activities that involve getting wet or sweaty without getting a hair out of a place.

“We don’t want to have to run from the rain, sit out at waterparks and pools,” said Robinson. “Based on that frustration alone I said there has to be a better way to do this.”

Robinson, who is a graduate of the Fox School of Business at Temple University, started making a remarkable line of protective headwear in 2014. The headgear was designed specifically with Black women in mind.

“It had to be stylish,” she said. “Waterproof, breathable, stretchy, and totally unique to fit us.”

Since then, Robinson’s products have been featured on QVC and Empower Global, and she is currently in talks with Target.

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