Tips to Eliminate Foundation in Your Makeup Regimen

Is bare skin a flawless canvas for makeup application?

Foundation was once thought of as a necessary step in every makeup routine. However, the drawbacks of this product include coating the skin in not-so-nice ingredients, needing frequent touch-ups, and finding your color match.

Achieving a smooth application is challenging because the foundation can easily highlight the areas you initially try to cover.

Now, it’s become an easy product to toss aside thanks to the rise of skincare and embracing your complexion as it is.

Why Are People Wearing Less Makeup?

One BBC article explains, “The cosmetics industry is struggling on two fronts. As the squeeze on all our budgets really starts to bite people are looking for ways to cut their spending. But the pandemic has also given some women self-confidence to try going makeup-free, or to let their hair go gray.”
How to Ditch Foundation
What’s a surefire way to eliminate cake face or concealer creasing? Ditch the base products! More beauty creators like @maytahmi have shown how they go without foundation and concealer.

May’s tutorial inspires others to allow their natural skin to shine through, experiment with varying techniques, and reduce time on getting ready. Foundation may slowly turn into a chore in most makeup regimens.
Embrace Texture
Foundation has been marketed in the past to cover up imperfections. We mentioned how multiple steps go into choosing a base product, like formula, shade, and technique. However, as more show their actual skin, like May, others can quickly follow suit.

For example, those with freckles will embrace their complexion like someone with cystic acne. It further portrays that self-confidence isn’t defined by what we deem to be skin imperfections.
Invest In Skin Prep
Investing in proper skin care can benefit the face in the long term. For example, some consumers have noticed fewer breakouts when they’ve stopped wearing foundation and upped their skin regimen.

BBC also states, “Skin care products have not seen the same decline as cosmetics though…and self-care has become an important buzz word in these difficult times.”
Draw Attention To The Eyes
Making a bold statement with eye makeup can draw away from the rest of the face. This tip may be helpful for those looking to stray away from base products like foundation and concealer. It also allows you to explore with color.

Easy ways to amp up the eyes include adding a shimmery shadow on the lid, playing with falsies, or adding a pop of color with mascara or eyeliner. Allow your creativity to peek through.
Add Lip & Cheek Flush
You can still tend to the complexion without needing coverage. For example, adding blush, bronzer, or a lip tint can create a cohesive finish. It allows your real skin to shine through while adding warmth, dimension, and flush.

Lip & Cheek products have been the craze thanks to their versatility. They also provide a simple monotone flush to touch up throughout the day.
Starface is making a statement that breakouts can be fun! Their array of pimple patches can be worn out all day and add a cute design. This is a unique and creative way to embrace your natural skin while feeling like you’ve accessorized.

Another helpful tip is testing out facial adornments. Eyeliner stickers and rhinestones, as seen in the tv show Euphoria add a textural element to your makeup with little to no effort. All can be done without foundation!

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