Tyler, The Creator responds to viral booty photo: ‘I got a BBL, this is not Photoshop’

Tyler, The Creator has never been one to shy away from any publicity, good or bad.

Over the years, the 32-year-old has navigated several controversies and always somehow come out with his head held high.

True to form, on Wednesday, as his picture with Sexyy Red went viral due to fans commenting on his surprisingly curvaceous figure, the Grammy Award winner decided to respond in kind.

The ‘See You Again’ star took to his Instagram Stories to comment on the image, writing, “Been hiding it but cat is out the bag. I got a bbl, this is not Photoshop. He responded to the viral images by claiming he got a BBL.”

@nojumper shared the post on X. “Tyler The Creator said he got a BBL after going viral for posing with Sexyy Red 🤣”

In the image in question, the two artists can be seen posing and flaunting their hips towards the camera. They also both have their middle fingers pointed towards the camera while Tyler has his tongue out.

One fan wasn’t too impressed by his BBL. “He actually created something similar to what Sexy Red made but his BBL surgeon did a horrible job. 😂,” commented @gidtobar.

Another fan had a much more dim view on the situation, seemingly making reference to rumours that the rapper is no-sexual. “That ain’t no bbl he gettin done in the butt so it’s growing , possibly work out too.”

@nujoma_na noted the irony that Tyler seemed to have a bigger bum than Sexyy Red. “Why is Tyler packing more than Redd?😭”

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