Vanessa Hudgens’s ‘laser light’ French Manicure is putting me in a trance with its glow

Lately, I’ve been low-key obsessed with Vanessa Hudgens’s nails. Her lime-coloured aura manicure from June made its way into my nail inspiration folder the moment I saw it. About a month later, she traded the neon tips for a holographic set that was just as mood board-worthy. And her latest colour-shifting set is even better because it combines at least three nail-art trends into one epic design.

On August 14, nail artist Zola Ganzorigt, who painted Hudgens’s nails, shared a picture of the iridescent set with the caption, “Laser light effect on flames.” Ganzorigt filed and sculpted the Disney Channel alum’s nails into an almond shape then painted each nail with a glistening shade that shifted from pink to blue to purple in different light. The holographic base colour elevates the classic manicure, taking it from basic to truly unique. She was right to call this a “laser light effect” because I can’t help but think of neon lights every time I see them.

On each tip, Ganzorigt drew a French C curve, then Ganzorigt made the nails even better with the golden flames she drew on the tips.

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The contrast between the abstract metallic lines, the white French tips, and the iridescent base is soooooo pleasing to me. I’m not the biggest fan of the classic French manicure, but I do love this holographic remix with flames. And you already know it’s been added to my nail inspiration folder. Thank you, Vanessa Hudgens.

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