Vegan Activist Tash Peterson Has Her Instagram, Vegan Booty, Shut Down

Controversial vegan activist Tash Peterson uses her social media channels to get her message out. But after her Instagram was shut down, people are wondering if it has to do with her feud with chef John Mountain.

Australian vegan activist Tash Peterson is no stranger to controversy. She’s made headlines for her protests against Chef John Mountain of Fyre restaurant in Perth and her argument with TV show host Piers Morgan.

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Peterson has a loyal band of fans, but her 22,000 Instagram followers are now left in the dark. On Sept. 19, 2023, The Daily Mail reported that Tash Peterson’s “Vegan Booty” Instagram was shut down.

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Vegan activist Tash Peterson, aka “Vegan Booty,” has her Instagram page shut down.

It’s unclear why Instagram shut down Peterson’s page. The @vganbooty Instagram page just displays a notice that the page isn’t available. Her social media page on Instagram’s partner site, Facebook, is still active, as are her accounts with Twitter (aka X) and OnlyFans. reported this isn’t the first time Peterson has been banned from Instagram, and since this latest shutdown, she has “reverted to another account.”

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Peterson’s social media pages have numerous pictures and videos of her carrying out her protests while scantily clad in skimpy bikinis and lingerie. A Sept. 10, 2023 post on Twitter and Facebook shows Peterson in a bikini with her bare bum facing the camera as she looks over her shoulder. The photo was reportedly taken during her vacation in Norway with partner Jack Higgs.

“Damn, it feels good to be a vegan,” Peterson wrote on Facebook. “We’re both over six years vegan and thriving! But most importantly we no longer pay for non-human animals to be subjected to r*pe, enslavement, torture, abuse and murder.”

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Tash Peterson’s controversies include her public battle with restaurant owner John Mountain.

The disappearance of Peterson’s Instagram account happened just a few days after John Mountain, owner of Fyre restaurant in Perth, announced he was suing her for defamation from comments, images, and videos she has shared on social media, A Current Affair reports.

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On two occasions in June and July 2023, Peterson staged protests outside of Mountain’s restaurant after he banned vegans from dining there.

According to an article in The Daily Mail, Peterson “disturbed diners by playing loud audio of squealing pigs while shouting about the ‘animal apocalypse.’” Videos from Peterson’s social media accounts shows a heated exchange between herself and Mountain. After the protests, Peterson was banned from entering places that serve alcohol for 12 months, the news outlet reported.

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Mountain told A Current Affair that he receives daily death threats due to Peterson’s social media posts. He has taken out two restraining orders against Peterson, preventing her from making any online comments about him, his company, or associates, The Daily Mail reported.

Peterson went head-to-head with Piers Morgan about the “animal holocaust.”

Peterson also became embroiled in a “war of words” with TV personality Piers Morgan during his show Uncensored. During the July 2023 interview, Peterson wore a T-shirt that read “End This Holocaust,” referring to the mass killing of animals in the animal agriculture industry. Morgan questioned her use of the term “holocaust.”

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“Holocaust is the mass extermination of more than 6 million Jewish people by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis,” Morgan said, per The Daily Mail. “Why would you use that very emotive language knowing it would offend people?”

“If you look at the definition of a holocaust, it is the slaughter or destruction on a mass scale,” Peterson replied. “Multiple holocausts have occurred throughout human history, and non-human animals can be subjected to the same atrocities that humans can.”

Hopefully we’ll soon have some info on why Peterson’s Instagram was disabled.

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