Victoria and David Beckham travel in style with the ultimate luxury bags

As far as celebrity couples go, Victoria and David Beckham are one of the most stylish pairings out there.

It helps that they’ve had years to hone their tastes, spurred on by some outré experimentation. (Their matching leather moment – which Victoria revealed still “haunts” her in an interview on Watch What Happens Live – will go down in fashion history.)

Victoria scooted around with a luxe box bag on her shoulder © Instagram / @victoriabeckham
Victoria scooted around with a luxe box bag on her shoulder

But these days, their joint appearances are far more measured, and their latest look, shared on the Beckham matriarch’s Instagram Stories with her 32.8m followers, is a case in point.

Following a gym accident in February, the 49-year-old injured her foot, leaving her using crutches and a medical boot. David bought his wife a four-wheeled mobility scooter to help her get around, and in the funny clip, Victoria made the most of her unusual gift.

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David walked behind his wife, carrying her crutches © Instagram / @victoriabeckham
David walked behind his wife, carrying her crutches

The British fashion mogul scooted along, elongating her uninjured leg in a fashion that mimicked a balletic arabesque. Talk about athletic.

But above all else, their chic luggage caught our attention. As David comically raised his brows at his posing wife, he carried a patterned holdall that strongly resembled French heritage label Goyard’s Bowling 55 bag.

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David and Victoria Beckham walking out a hotel © Getty
It’s not the first time the pair have been spotted with Goyard luggage

The luxurious piece of luggage was originally designed to cater to those wanting to travel lighter, “driven in particular by the rise in air travel in the 1950s”, according to Goyard’s website. It’s unfortunately not available to buy directly via the website, but there are various pre-loved options for sale, priced at upwards of £4,000.

The piece is available in five colourways, but the holdall that David carried was black and dark grey, matching his all-black outfit, save for pops of white and a brown baseball cap.

Victoria wore an equally chic accessory, a structured box bag on a long strap that she slung over her shoulder as she scooted about and showed off her impressive flexibility.

Couple goals or what?

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