Vintage Glamour: Tips for Recreating Old Hollywood Looks

The old Hollywood look, or glamour, is a source of inspiration for all of us. The timeless designs and style are special for people who love charming and flawless designs. The feminine style from that decade is considered sophisticated and is trending today. Everyone wants to wear vintage clothes to embody the charm that Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, or Audrey Hepburn had. These women are the epitome of vintage fashion, along with beauty and makeup trends that people have followed till now. If you consider them your role models and want to wear vintage clothes to copy their style, this guide is for you. Whether you are going to old Hollywood for an event or a vintage exhibition or incorporating it into your daily life, this will help. Try these top tips that will help you embody the old Hollywood charm.

Long evening gloves for the look

Do you remember Marilyn Monroe’s look from ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’? She wore a hot pink strapless gown, an iconic gown in the cinematic world. The gown was accessorized with long, matching evening gloves with a giant bow. It is one of the most iconic Hollywood charm looks, and you can take inspiration from it. For a vintage-themed party, you can copy the entire look. Otherwise, if you wish to incorporate such a vintage look into your daily life, use the gloves. With any vintage clothing, you can wear long evening gloves, and they will look right. If you want to blend modern and vintage, opt for a shorter or fitted maxi dress. The key is to use long gloves; muted colors work, too.

Create soft waves

Wearing vintage clothing alone is not enough to make you look like you are from the 40s or 50s. You also need to mimic their hairstyle. That way, you will look like you walked from the eras of Audrey Hepburn and more. You can go with S-waves, ideal for super long or short hair. Use wave combs and styling gel to secure the S-curve for short hair. Using just these two products will not hold down the curls for long hair. You should curl the hair from the base to the tip. After leaving the hair to cool for 10 minutes, use a hairbrush to brush through the curls to turn them into a soft-wave pattern. Along with your vintage attire, this hairstyle will make you look like a vision.

Wear dresses that accentuate your curves.

You must wear clothes that accentuate your curves to get a look inspired by old Hollywood charm. That means embracing your body style and shape by wearing curve-hugging clothes. You can even use belts, as they highlight your waist. Women with an hourglass body can wear clothes with padded shoulders or fuller skirts.

Choose the red color for your lips carefully.

The old Hollywood charm is incomplete without red lips. But you cannot just choose any red lipstick. For a true look, you need to do a bit of research. It is because, in every decade, women used a different shade of red. So, you must know which era you are taking inspiration from to use the perfect red shade. For instance, in the 20s, red gravitated towards vampy purple reds. In the 30s, however, orangey-carmine red was more in focus. In the 40s and 50s, True Scarlet was the top choice. So, ensure you choose the perfect red color to complement your vintage dress for the old look.

Swap sports items

If you are truly interested in changing your wardrobe to vintage clothing, you must make some sacrifices. For instance, T-shirts, trainers, and sweatpants must go. Instead, you should think about including smart trousers, long dresses, and lace tops in your wardrobe.

Work on your lingerie

The old Hollywood look means accentuating your curves. Thus, it requires you to wear fitted bras. Otherwise, your clothes will not look as appealing as they should. Moreover, go with silk lingerie; it makes you feel more sensual.

A half-moon manicure for the win

Taking inspiration from any decade is not just about clothes. It is also about accessories and makeup. And you cannot forget the nails, as the red-painted nails in Half-moon were the look of old Hollywood. Remember Dita Von Tesse? She wore this, and it was exceptional. So, if you are going vintage with your clothes, do not forget to paint your nails the same way.

For these looks, having quality vintage clothing is necessary. Raiding your grandmother’s closet is one of the best options. Besides this, go check out thrift stores online or offline, as they have a wondrous collection of vintage clothes. Also, you must buy vintage clothes that fit your body style. Otherwise, you will not represent old Hollywood charm.

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