Viral Country Singer Dixon Dallas Responds to Queerbaiting Accusations

“I could be gay. I could be straight,” Dixon Dallas tells Pride.

Dixon Dallas, whose super bold and totally queer anthem blew up online this month, is gearing up to finally address all those ongoing rumors about his sexuality.

If you’ve been on TikTok this summer, then you’ve probably heard Dallas’ country bop, “Good Lookin’”. Though the song itself is catchy, the unexpected lyrics are what have the internet in shambles. Here is a snippet of the viral anthem:

“He’s bouncing off my booty cheeks, I love the way he rides
I can hardly breathe when he’s pumping deep inside
I kiss him on his neck and then he kisses on my bussy
Call him “Daddy” while I holler
Man, that boy so damn good looking (looking, looking)”

The persona Dixon Dallas was created by South Alabama-raised rapper, singer, and songwriter Jake Hill. Wearing a cowboy hat in a recording studio, Hill announced the new “artist” on TikTok, and the video earned over 20 million views.

His second tune, “Like Whiskey,” continues the trend, delving into the realm of intimate queer romance, just like its forerunner.

“He put his hands up on my body, made the room a little hotter
I’m sippin him like whiskey, got me wetter than the water, oh
Swimmin’ in, wanna swim in him too
Make a little love, show you what my booty do
Boy, turn around, lemme hit it from the back
Yeah, I know how you love it when I do it like that”

Jake Hill Sets the Record Straight

Hill recently chatted with Pride, discussing how his sudden online fame has influenced both his career trajectory and daily existence. According to the artist, the majority of feedback has been positive.

“It’s crazy man! Obviously, there’s some negativity too. That’s expected, I don’t mind that,” he told Pride. “It’s hard to fathom how big the song actually is. It’s hard to put into words how big it is. No pun intended.”

However, due to the nature of his music, accusations of queerbaiting have arisen among some fans.
Many celebrities, like Kit Connor from Heartstopper, have felt compelled to publicly come out due to such circumstances. Fortunately, Hill remains resilient and unaffected by this pressure.

“Growing up in the south, you’re taught how to think a certain way. I reached a point where I started thinking for myself. My music is a big f*** you to my past. No, I haven’t disclosed my sexuality. I could be gay.” He continued, “I could be straight. I could be bi. At the end of the day, I feel like it doesn’t matter. There’s no law that says I can’t write a song about getting my booty cheeks bounced off of.”

Queer Listeners Respond to Dallas’ Music

“The amount of messages I get from people saying ‘I’m a gay man. We don’t have this type of music. It makes me feel seen. It makes me feel heard and comfortable in my skin.’ Those messages are what makes me want to keep doing this,” Hill continued. “If somebody wants to cancel me, I don’t care. I don’t give a s*** about any type of negativity.”

Dallas and Hill are also “teaming up” for a co-headlining tour along the vibrant east coast, set to kick off later this month. And that’s not all – brace yourselves for Dallas’ debut EP, dropping in just a couple of weeks. This much-anticipated release will feature all of his sensational viral hits that have been taking the internet by storm.

Viral Country Singer Dixon Dallas Responds to Queerbaiting Accusations

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