Wakadinali outshines Sauti Sol and Nyashinski in 2023 Spotify rankings

Spotify has launched Wrapped 2023, providing a comprehensive look at Kenyans’ music preferences and trends throughout the year.

From viral hits to groundbreaking partnerships, the streaming giant’s insights offer a glimpse into the diverse musical landscape that captivated listeners in Kenya.

Phiona Okumu, Spotify SSA’s Head of Music, noted the exponential growth of the Kenyan music scene, celebrating the inclusion of a Kenyan artist in the top streamed list.

“Our mission to amplify homegrown artists to global stages continues steadfastly,” she remarked.

Key Highlights:

  1. Top Streaming Day and Hour:
    • Saturday emerged as the top streaming day, with 4 pm as the preferred streaming hour, reflecting Kenyans’ love for music-filled weekends and lively afternoons.
    • Surprisingly, Tuesday ranked as the third most popular streaming day, following Friday, possibly indicating a recovery from Monday blues.
  2. Genre and Artist Preferences:
    • Hip hop maintained its stronghold as the favored genre among Kenyan listeners.
    • Drake secured the top spot as the most streamed artist for the third consecutive year, appealing particularly to the 18-34 age group.
    • The top streamed tracks showcased Afrobeats dominance, with Darassa and Bien’s collaboration “No Body” being the only exception.
  3. Virality and R&B Goodness:
    • Kinoti’s “Nitangoja” claimed the second spot as the most viral track on Spotify in Kenya, indicating widespread sharing among users.
    • “Sasa Hivi” by V-Be and Ashley Music earned the 10th spot, resonating with Kenyan R&B enthusiasts.
  4. Female Artists’ Rise:
    • While female artists were less represented in the top lists, there was a remarkable 61% increase in streams in Kenya, outpacing the global increase of 27%.
    • Karun, Nikita Kering’, and Xenia Manasseh (a Spotify RADAR artist) made notable appearances, with Nikita Kering’ being the only female artist in the top ten most streamed Kenyan artists.
  5. Podcasting Domination:
    • Women led the podcasting sphere in Kenya, with “So This Is Love,” “The Messy In Between,” and “It’s Related, I Promise” claiming the top three spots among the most streamed podcasts.
    • Kenyan podcasts like “The Sandwich Podcast,” “Legally Clueless,” and “The97sPodcast” also gained recognition, demonstrating robust support for local content.
  6. Wakadinali’s Impact:
    • Wakadinali not only secured the eighth spot as the sole Kenyan artist in the top streamed list but also became the most searched artist in Kenya on Spotify.
    • Their album “Ndani ya Cockpit 3” ranked 10th as the most streamed album, highlighting the hip hop duo’s resonance with listeners.

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