[Watch] Balochistan Artist Pays Tribute To Virat Kohli With Beautiful Nail Art Portrait

image-lmw6mdqyVirat Kohli is the face of world cricket (X.com)

Indian batter, Virat Kohli’s skills on the pitch are known to all and sundry. While he continues to break records and set benchmarks, Kohli’s fan base has consistently grown, going beyond national borders.

Virat Kohli immortalized in nails by Balochistan artist

Earlier this month, an artist from Balochistan had showcased his admiration for the batting maestro in remarkable and unforgettable artistic work.

RA Gaddani from Gwadar, Balochistan, had crafted a breathtaking sand art portrait of Kohli, which not only displayed his finesse with the grains but also resonated deeply with the love he holds for the cricket legend. This brilliant artwork of Kohli quickly became the talk of the town, garnering massive attention on various social media platforms, and went viral in no time.

Now, Faraz Naseem, an artist hailing from Washuk, Balochistan, has brought forth a stunning nail art of Kohli. Using thousands of spikes to create an impeccable likeness of Kohli, this innovative artwork shows the dedication and admiration fans hold for the cricketer.

This nail sketch, making waves across social media, is proof of the diverse ways Kohli inspires fans, from the deserts of Balochistan to the towns of India.

Meanwhile, amidst this heartwarming artistic tribute, Kohli, having been rested for the first two ODIs against Australia, is gearing up to return to the pitch for the final ODI match in Rajkot. Following this, the Indian team is set to take on England and the Netherlands in the warm-up matches for the much-awaited World Cup 2023.

As Ahmedabad prepares to host the grand cricketing spectacle, starting October 5, all eyes will be on Kohli. With a nation’s hopes resting on his shoulders, Kohli will be determined to end India’s 12-year World Cup drought.

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