Watch Ice Spice’s ‘Baddie’ Mom Rap Along to “Deli” in Viral Clip

Of course, fans will note that this much-discussed show of support should come as no surprise. Ice Spice herself has publicly praised her parents for always being supportive of her artistic journey, including in an Apple Music interview with Ebro Darden back in February.

“They’re mad supportive, like it’s so crazy,” Spice said at the time. “They always been, though. Like, they’re real supportive. I love my parents.”

Asked about the then-recent EP’s cover art, Spice said that neither of her parents had seen it. While her mother would get it, Spice joked, her father might not.

“Mom’s a baddie so she know what it is,” she told Darden. “But my pops though, I’m his baby girl… He gon’ be like, ‘You couldn’t do a different pose?’ But that’s my pose.”

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