What is a ‘Swirly Pink’ Manicure? Everything about the Manicure as Keke Palmer takes Barbie Nails to the next level

On August 15, 2023, Briaxmonae, the longtime manicure artist of Keke Palmer, posted the diva’s newly manicured ‘Swirly Pink’ nails on Instagram, claiming maximalism to the fullest. The American actress and singer Keke Palmer, who rules the beauty chart reigning the top tier, is never short of showing her fashion, from her hairstyle to cool looks or her recent French manicure.

Palmer’s recent ‘Swirly Pink’ manicure is nothing short of glam. This nail art has taken Barbie’s nail art to the next level. She clubbed her 90s ‘bixie’ hairstyle with this matte French manicure to stay on top of all the recent beauty trends.

Briaxmonae, Keke’s longtime manicurist, assisted her in getting this current manicure. This is comprised of square-shaped nails flawlessly coated with light pink-hued French nail tips over a nude base coat.

This manicure might look like simple nail art initially, but with a closer look, it showcases the creative spree of Briaxmonae. Besides, the ‘Swirly’ 3-D design done on each nail tip and the mattifying effect created while letting half of each nail bed glossy is genuinely a piece of art!

The ‘Swirly Pink’ manicure of Keke Palmer takes Barbie Nails to the next level

This year’s summer witnessed several fashionistas transform their beauty looks and revive in a new avatar.

May it be the stars experimenting with vibrant colors, for instance, the flaunting of the Barbie pink of ‘Barbiecore‘ look, the blueberry milk manicure, serpent nails or, for that matter, the cherry Jello nails, these were just the tip of the iceberg. Since then, the trend has kept brimming with success by introducing mismatched nails or even duck nails!

As such, Keke Palmer‘s ‘Swirly Pink’ manicure is giving the Barbie nails a run as it comes from the breathtaking exhibit of Palmer’s manicurist, Briaxmonae. At an initial glimpse, this nail design might look like a cakewalk. But upon the more close check, it reveals an alluring 3-D impact that honestly showcases the visionary attributes of the nail artist.

The complex swirly creation delicately embellishes all the nail tips. Paired with the ingenious interplay of polished and muted finishes, this manicure exceeds into a spellbinding masterwork. Likewise, Briaxmonae’s creative method has transported Keke’s manicure to a new tier of originality, confirming that the limits of imagination are genuinely infinite.

Mimicking the swirly pink manicure has never been so easy

Being a beauty enthusiast, one can always take their talents for a run while experimenting with Keke’s nail art concepts. And the singer’s manicures never fails to impress the beauty fanatics.

Whether playing with varied textures, blending hints of matte, glossy or velvet textures, or nail shapes – there is plenty of nail art creativity for a beauty buff. If one is a creative soul from within, mimicking this ‘Swirly Pink’ manicure can be a ‘child’s play’.

Here are the simple steps to get the ‘Swirly Pink’ nail art done in the comfort of one’s home –

  • Opt for a pink-hued French manicure as the base for Keke Palmer’s ‘Swirly Pink’ nail art
  • For the French manicure, prep the nails by cleaning them from the old nail paint. Shape them to the desired length in neat squares
  • Apply a base coat to protect the nails and let the pink color pop
  • With a nail guide or tape, create a straight line across the tip of the nails and give a French manicure effect. Place the tape right underneath the natural white tip
  • Staying within the tape borders, coat the nail tips with pink polish
  • Initiate with a single thin coat, let it dry well, and follow with a second coat. This will assist in giving a more intense pink hue
  • Carefully remove the tape once the pink paint dries
  • Clean the nail edges using a small brush dipped in nail remover with the aid of a high-shine top coat, and seal the manicure for a glossy finish
  • Take a fine-tipped nail art brush to make the mattified effect of the top coat. This fine-tipped brush will assist in forming the matte-effect swirls while adding a distinctive touch to the nails

The well-crafted ‘Swirly Pink’ manicure of Keke Palmer is flooded with positive reviews from her beauty fans. Once her manicurist posted the newly-done nail art picture on the Instagram handle on August 15, the long, squared-shaped nails swooned the Barbie nails to the next level.

Moreover, Briaxmonae’s stunning 3-D nail art with a hint of matte swirls on the nail tips can easily be achieved by desiring beauty aficionados. And for the ‘perfectionist’ beauty lovers, simply hitting the favored nail salon with a picture of Keke Palmer’s nails can assist them in riffing on the look!

Keke will be next seen touring for her second studio album, Big Boss, starting September 10.

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