What is the “Water Nail” trend? Everything about the summer manicure explored

The beauty empire is in a whirlwind round with the latest fad of the ‘Water Nail’ nail art and has gained viral status. With Kim Kardashian popularizing this amazing nail art trend, this bewitching manicure has grabbed the attention of many noted celebs, beauty enthusiasts, and social media influencers, evolving as a desirable subject on platforms TikTok and Instagram.

Water nails seek to play the reflections and clarity of the sea waves, spotlighting a breathtaking rhythm of myriad hues of blue. Star manicurist Zola Ganzorigt, learned for her meticulous nail-art work with Hailey Bieber, has even socially communicated a mini tutorial on Instagram.

Beauty enthusiasts rejoiced as she created the replica of this alluring nail look that can be done in the comfort of your home anytime.

Recreating the Water nail effect nails with normal nail paint in a few ways

Zola Ganzorigt has successfully created this Water Nail art in myriad fashions, and as mentioned, the social media handles, influencers, celebs, and global fashionistas are going gaga!

Zola exhibits an easy approach to achieving the water effect with regular nail shine. She initiates the process by applying two distinct blue and shimmery nail glosses. Subsequently, with a magnetic wand, she makes a creative modification.

After applying a courteous layer of top coat, she puts on a few miniature dots with a brush to imitate the reflection of lights on the water. The end creation is a gorgeous finish that can be attained even by those who have not undergone nail shine.

Check out a few of Zola’s Water Nails trends doing rounds on the social media handles.

Water nails with 3-D drops

For those beauty lovers in quest of a more panoramic effect, there is the possibility of designing water nails with a 3-D drops effect. This nail art requires mastery, but the effect is honestly attention-grabbing.

The nails seem clad in fine water droplets, counting on the extra layers of extent to the manicure. Silicone drops also can be placed with tweezers; if performing with authentic gel formulas seems challenging.

Simple steps for this nail art:

  • Select the base nail paint and apply a single coat.
  • Apply the base coat in a single swipe to safeguard the nails from getting stained. Let it dry well.
  • Next, apply two coats of the preferred nail gloss and let it dry entirely.
  • By using silicone drops or gel formulae, prepare the 3-D drops.
  • With the gel formulae, one should put miniature drops onto the nails with a nail art brush or toothpick.
  • Place these silicone drops with tweezers onto the nails, confirming they are evenly spaced.
  • Allow these 3-D drops to dry and stiffen.
  • Next, apply a top coat over the complete nail exterior, all-inclusive the 3-D drops, to lock and shield the design.
  • Before touching or doing any shifting, allow the top coat dry completely. This will not spoil the manicure.
  • Enjoy these striking water nails with 3-D drops, and show off the creative knacks!

Water nails with a minimalist take

If a beauty enthusiast prefers a more minimalistic nail art method, internet personality Betina Goldstein equips them with motivation with her nail art variation on her Instagram feed.

Her design is ideal for nails with short lengths featuring a neutral base with 2-3 drops of round-shaped gel, providing illusionary bubbles. The result is nothing less than a unique twist on the definitive clean manicure, with a hint of fancy to an across-the-board look.

Simple steps for this nail art:

  • Begin with neatly manicured nails.
  • Apply a single nude base coat to all nails and let it dry thoroughly.
  • Pick globular gel, one by one, in a contrasting colour, and gently place 2-3 drops onto every nail.
  • With a toothpick or a thin brush, space and shape the gel drops into a bubble-like form.
  • Once the gel dries, finish with a clean top coat to lock the creation and add gloss.
  • Cherish this minimalist and stunning nail art design by Betina Goldstein!

This water nail art is necessary for all beauty enthusiasts and internet personalities. Whether one opts for the definitive water effect, experiments with 3-D drops, or goes for a minimalist twisting, this nail craze will make a fashion statement.

With its myriad sport of tints, water nails are a flawless way to showcase one’s imaginative prowess and with a hint of grace to summer manicures.

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