Who Are the Villains in THE WALKING DEAD: DARYL DIXON?

Who Are the Villains in THE WALKING DEAD: DARYL DIXON? – Nerdist

In The Walking Dead TV series, many of the villains came from the comic books, like Negan, Alpha, and the Governor. Sure, we got some random (and not great) baddies here and there but they didn’t hold a candle to the classic ones. But the show’s spinoff series are giving us a great mix with established heroes and frightening yet fresh antagonists. In The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, our Southern hero gets on the wrong side of not one but two villains—Codron and Madame Genet—shortly after he washes ashore. Let’s dig into who they are and why they will surely make Daryl’s journey even harder.

Who Is The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Villain Codron? 

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Daryl has a good heart but he has an, um, affinity for stirring up fights. Sometimes he starts them and, even when he doesn’t, he is 100% gonna finish a brawl. However, this situation with Codron is not his fault. He starts a fight to save a couple travelers from two jerk soldiers from a group/movement known as “the Cause.” Naturally, one of them is Codron’s brother, who Daryl doesn’t even kill! (He does kill the other guy but that’s not what matters here.) The woman traveler killed Codron’s brother and later lied on Daryl to save her own skin. It is easy to believe that an American man would do that, after all.

Codron, who also works with/for the Cause, doesn’t waste time piecing together Daryl’s location and comes into Sister Isabelle’s abbey with his men. They kill several nuns before Daryl takes out his entire crew like John Wick with a knife. (Yes, the nuns are technically killer nuns but they don’t want to hurt Daryl.) Defeated and angry, Codron retreats but we know he won’t stop until he gets his hands on Daryl.  

It’s pretty likely that the Cause comes into direct conflict with l’Union de l’Espoir, a freedom group that the abbey members align with. They are open to all messages of faith and perseverance.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Villain Madame Genet and the Cause, Explained

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At the end of the first episode, we meet Madame Genet, the leader of the Cause. It is possible that the Cause is similar to the CRM in America with widespread operations. We don’t learn much about her except that she has a ship with walker “test subjects” and human prisoners. One of the latter was Daryl before he caused some trouble and escaped, but not before causing so much damage that Genet’s collective lost lots of research. Why was he a prisoner on a ship bound for France? We will surely get more details as Daryl Dixon progresses. The crew (specifically the captain) presumes that he’s dead but she wants them to start looking for him anyway. A man who can do so much damage alone is not someone she wants to be in her way. 

Americans are not beloved by folks in Europe and Daryl is doing a great job of maintaining that sentiment. With Madame Genet looking for him and Codron on his actual trail, Daryl’s mission to take Laurent to a safe haven will be a daunting task.

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