Why You Should Take A Break From Manicures To Preserve Your Nail Health

In an exclusive conversation with Dr. Mariano Busso, Women.com asked if it was wise to give nails a break from polish in between manicures. Dr. Busso explained that if your nails weren’t showing any effects from long-term polish wear, then they were probably healthy. However, the dermatologist did share that it was still wise to give nails a break for a few days every month. “For some, leaving nail polish on for prolonged periods can leave their nails brittle, which can pose a health hazard because nails are Mother Nature’s protective barriers against bacteria and fungus,” Dr. Busso told Women.com. 


He explained that taking a break from polish, press-ons, and fake nails also meant a break from the chemicals necessary to take these adornments off. “Also remember, when you give your nails a break from nail polish you also are giving them a break from nail polish remover. Removers contain acetone, an ingredient known for dehydrating the nail, cuticles, and surrounding skin.” It’s not just our nail beds that get exposed to removers, it’s also the skin around the nail. So give your digits a few days of rest, and focus on nourishing them with cuticle oils and hand moisturizers. 

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