Woah Vicky Explains Why She Pressed Assault Charges Against Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock apparently assaulted fellow “Baddies” star and social media personality Woah Vicky- and lit the Internet ablaze as a result. Moreover, Vicky pressed charges, which Zeus Network CEO Lemuel Plummer responded to by saying Chrisean never had an altercation on set. Regardless, this caused a lot of people to react wildly to the development, questioning what could’ve happened and remarking that fights are what many people tune into these shows for. As such, a lot of people criticized Vicky for “not taking the heat,” although entertainment shouldn’t go to that extreme, either. With all this in mind, she uploaded a lengthy video to social media explaining her charges and what happened.

Furthermore, Woah Vicky admitted to “snitching” and said that she went on the show to praise God and spread those messages. In addition, she commented on her social media presence and how blogs and pages were obsessed with what she was putting out there. Apparently, something she liked on social media caught Chrisean Rock’s attention, and they had an argument about it. While Vicky tried to apologize, she says that Chrisean threw something at her.

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Woah Vicky’s Statements On Chrisean Rock Altercation

At that point, Woah Vicky said that her emotions “overwhelmed” her at that point because they got along before that. Also, she made the claim that Chrisean Rock would’ve attacked her if a security guard didn’t hold her back. Most importantly, Vicky said that she forgives her and sent Chrisean her blessings. Since she then talked about only her being in the shot, she seemed to imply that their reunion after the altercation was, in fact, during a “Baddies” shoot, although it’s unclear if the throwing incident was. Still, she said Chrisean (or her friend; it’s hazy) then attacked her, and that she hit her back.

Meanwhile, Vicky expressed that others could’ve warned or helped her and called it a set-up, but that she forgives everyone involved. However, that didn’t explain why she chose to go ahead and press charges, although that might be some extra pressure for Chrisean to apologize. We’ll see what other drama the “Cr*zy In Love” star and Vicky get into next. With that in mind, keep checking in with HNHH for the latest on Woah Vicky and Chrisean Rock.

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