Young Dolph’s 9-Year-Old Son Launches Clothing Collection

Young Dolph’s son has launched his own clothing line, with the products already enjoying a huge amount of success just 24 hours after becoming available to the public.

On Friday (August 4), nine-year-old Tre Tre Thornton released a collection called “King of Memphis.” Designed per his vision, the catalog’s pre-sale completely sold out over last weekend, which would have also been his late father’s 38th birthday. The merchandise has now been restocked and is available for purchase here.


“When I say I’m so proud of my son I truly mean it,” Tre’s mother, Mia Jaye, wrote in an Instagram post. “I’m actually proud of both of my children and how they have been growing through their hurt, pain and grief… The journey hasn’t been peaches and cream… and we have actually had some rough times especially with Tre being a young boy losing his hero. But by leaning into our village and connecting Tre with an amazing mentor/coach @empowermma Tre’s journey took a turn for the best.”

She added: “Being inspired to create artwork to help express his most inner feelings instead of leaning into anger and inappropriate behavior (which would be rightfully justified due to the adversity/hurt he has faced at such a young age), is a major life accomplishment which I am so proud of as his mother and biggest Cheerleader.”

Young Dolph was shot and killed nearly two years ago, and his alleged killers will now finally see their day in court.

In mid-July, a judge set a trial date for Justin Johnson and Cornelius Smith, the two men who have been charged with the rapper’s murder at Makeda’s Homemade Cookies in Memphis, Tennesse on November 17, 2021.


According to Billboard, Johnson and Smith, both of whom have pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree murder and more, are scheduled to stand trial on March 11 in the fatal shooting of the Memphis-born spitter.

A motive for the killing has still not been disclosed.

In June, the case appeared to hit a roadblock when an individual whom law enforcement considered a “person of interest” was shot and killed. According to ABC24, Joshua Taylor was found dead on the corner of Spottswood Avenue and Buntyn Street in the Orange Mound district of Memphis.

TakeOff & Young Dolph Deaths Inspired Gucci Mane To ‘Lead By Example’ With Cleaner Raps

TakeOff & Young Dolph Deaths Inspired Gucci Mane To ‘Lead By Example’ With Cleaner Raps

Authorities had no leads and, as a result, were asking the public for their help in identifying his potential killer or killers. Taylor, who also went by the name “CEO Teezy,” was first named as a person of interest in Dolph’s murder in February 2022 alongside Devin Burns.

Meanwhile, Johnson and Smith were arrested and accused of being the prime shooters. Both were given ultimatums to find defense lawyers and, according to court documents, Smith obtained a lawyer while Johnson was appointed one.


At the time, 26-year-old Jemarcus Johnson, who was accused of helping his brother Justin and Cornelius Smith evade police capture after Dolph’s killing, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

He also admitted to taking possession of his brother’s cell phone and car so authorities would not think Justin was in Memphis. He is facing between six and 12 years in prison for his role in Dolph’s murder.

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