Young woman with a passion for fashion opens 90s vintage clothes shop in Helston

Sadie Day, 21 opened the doors to her clothes shop, 90’s Club Vintage on Tuesday (August 15) in Meneage Street. The shop is based in the middle of Meneage Street in the building where Glazed Expressions used to be before it closed earlier this year.

Sadie – who studied fashion at university – has wanted to open her own shop for a while, and following a conversation with her partner, Will a few months ago, she decided to “go for it”. Sadie told the Packet: “I have a good eye for what people wear every day.

“I was previously working at Ann’s Pasties, and I absolutely loved it there, but I felt like I had a bit more to give. So, I made the decision to just go for it, what have I got to lose.”

Falmouth Packet: Clothes are ready to be sold! Clothes are ready to be sold! (Image: Sadie Day)

The shop sells clothing trends from the 90s and early 2000s era, which are now coming back into fashion. The clothes are handpicked by Sadie and her partner from wholesalers that are smaller businesses themselves.

“There is something for everyone,” said Sadie. “We have clothes for younger people and older people, men and women, all in various sizes.”

Sadie’s passion for fashion is something she has shared with other female members of her family. Her mother Clair Leppington (Day) gained a degree in fashion, whilst her grandmother worked in fashion.

Clair sadly passed away in September 2022 and wanted to own her own clothes shop in the 90s. Sadie said: “My mum always talked about wanting to own her own clothes shop in the ‘90s. She wanted to own a shop selling ‘clubbing’ clothes which she had made herself.”

Falmouth Packet: All different styles and sizes are available for men, women and the younger generation of HelstonAll different styles and sizes are available for men, women and the younger generation of Helston (Image: Sadie Day)

Her mother’s death inspired Sadie to go ahead and fulfil her dream. Sadie said: “Mum’s passing has inspired me. Putting everything together, I know she would be so proud. She always said whatever we do in life, she would be proud of us.”


Now that 90’s Club Vintage is open, Sadie has praised the owners of other businesses in town. She said: “The other shop owners in Helston have been so amazing and so welcoming.

“It’s just such a lovely community.”

For more information on 90’s Club Vintage visit the 90’s Club Vintage Facebook page. 

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