31 Inexpensive Products That Are A Combo Of Fun *And* Useful

Promising review (it’s long but good!): “So I have super dry lips. Years of anxiety, picking at them, dry weather making them crack, fragile skin… nothing ever works. Literally nothing. You name a product or trick and I’ve tried it. Scrubs, balms, masks, lotions, potions, oils, whatever. I’ve tried it. It never. ever. works. Most of the time my lips feel MORE dry, which is astounding. I feel like my skin figures out what I’m trying to do and rearranges its molecules to resist the treatment I’m trying. I gave up for a long time, but I’m tired of not having those super pretty instagram worthy soft looking lips. My dry haggard witch lips were making me sad and angry that I can’t find anything that works. On a whim, I was browsing a random BuzzFeed listicle about good skincare products — and this product popped up. I read a comment and someone with a situation similar to mine who sung the praises of this stuff. Deflated and sad about myself, I decided ‘Why not throw another few bucks at the problem. Worst case it stays the exact same, best case it actually gets better.’ Holy ———. It got better. SO much better. This is the first time I’ve been able to use a product regularly when I feel my lips drying out and it ACTUALLY hydrates them. I put it on before bed and wake up excited to smooch my partner over and over again telling them ‘FEEL MY LIPS, FEEL THEM’. It isn’t goopy or thick, it doesn’t feel like smearing vaseline on my face, it doesn’t make me break out around my lips. It isn’t heavy or grainy, it’s super light and doesn’t feel like it’s seeping into my skin. It doesn’t take a lot and I can FEEL it actually working to moisturize and not just seal moisture — which I am already lacking — in. It isn’t a coating, it feels like it actually absorbs into my lips. I never leave reviews, ever. But I also never had a product like this that actually works like it says it does with more efficacy than I ever expected. If you’re like me or I sound like you, trust me. Try this. Just give it a shot and you will NOT be disappointed.” —Sarah

Get it from Amazon for $13.60.

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