36 Personal Care Products With Such Great Reviews, You May Want Them For Yourself

The pack comes with 20 30-minute treatments, and two hourlong treatments. The strips are also enamel-safe!

My former BuzzFeed colleague, Haley Zovickian, has used these strips and loves them! Here’s what she had to say: “Folks, these are not the gloppy whitening strips of your childhood that slid all around your mouth and had you spitting out globs of product every few minutes so you wouldn’t swallow it. I know this because I grew up using those exact strips to treat my hereditarily, naturally-kinda-yellow teeth. I eventually swore off whitening strips because they were so awful and uncomfortable. Ten years later, I decided to give at-home whitening another try since I now drink, like, a million cups of coffee a day, which obviously did nothing to help my yellow teeth lol. Long story short, I was FLOORED when I tried these strips. They may or may not be the best beauty development of the 21st century. These things stay put with literally zero gloppy residue, no spitting or readjusting required. They work so well, I’m almost resentful ~kids these days~ won’t experience how absurd at-home whiteners used to be lol. Anyway, they’re so comfortable that the 30 minutes or an hour you have them on zips by, so that by the time you’re through, your teeth look whiter with virtually zero effort on your part. Can I nominate this for some sort of award??”

BTW: If your teeth feel sensitive while you’re using the strips (mine did), just take a break for a few days before starting them again.

Get a 22-count pack from Amazon for $45.99.

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