50 Weird Things For Women On Amazon That Are So Damn Clever


50 Weird Things For Women On Amazon That Are So Damn Clever

Little life upgrades that make you go, “Why didn’t I think of that?

by Candace Nagy

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Sometimes when I’m looking for an answer or solution to a basic need, I come up with a genius idea and think to myself I can’t believe someone else hasn’t thought of this already! Then I do a Google search, and nine-out-of-ten times I find that someone actually has. And these weird, yet clever things for women on Amazon are the proof.

Come to think of it, many of them are so useful that you should probably pick up extras for the whole family — because who wouldn’t benefit from a mini phone charger that fits in your pocket or a micro-sponge dedicated to keeping white sneaks clean?

Ahead, 45 genius products you’ll wish you knew about sooner.


An Exfoliating Brush For Getting Rid Of Pesky Ingrown Hairs

Backed by more than 14,000 perfect ratings, this ergonomic, exfoliating brush fits perfectly in the palm, making DIY spa treatments so much simpler. And since it features an ingenious silicone scrubbing surface, it’s gentle on skin while still being effective at unclogging pores, preventing ingrown hairs, and helping to increase circulation.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 2


This Tinted Lip Balm That’s 100% Vegan

A hydrating lip balm that’s actually, truly vegan? Yes, ma’am. You won’t find any beeswax, or honey for that matter, in this tinted lip butter that moisturizes lips with vitamin E and argan oil while adding a touch of natural color.

  • Available sizes: 1, plus several multi-pack options
  • Available colors: 12


These Wrist Towels That Keep Your Arms Dry While Washing Your Face

Water dripping down your arms while you’re washing your face is so annoying, but not with these clever face washing wrist towels. They’re like little absorbent scrunchies for your wrists. And they come in three- or five-pair packs, so you’ll never be without a dry set.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 11


A Set Of Spa-Like Shower Steamers For Soothing Aromatherapy

When something as humble as a shower steamer has amassed more than 23,000 five-star reviews, you know it’s doing something right. “These are the best shower steamers I’ve ever tried,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “Usually they aren’t strong enough or they melt too quickly to even enjoy. […]One [of these] lasted my entire shower and still smelled amazing even after I was done.” You get a range of aromatherapy scents in the six-pack set, including lavender, menthol and eucalyptus, vanilla, watermelon, grapefruit, and peppermint.

  • Available options: 11


This Rechargeable Mini Fan That Folds Up To Pocket-Size

Stay cool with this handy USB-C rechargeable handheld fan that also serves as a backup flashlight and power bank. A charge can last for up to 21 hours, meaning that it’s great to bring with you on commutes or long weekends outdoors. Small enough to fit in your pocket, it also folds out to become a table fan if you need some extra air circulation in your office.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 5


An Ice Pack Cap For Instant Headache Relief

If you experience migraines, you’ve probably wanted to stick your head in the freezer to ease the pain. So kudos to whoever invented the next best thing: This ice pack cap that fits snugly around the head and features 360° cooling gel for instant relief. It blocks light and had one fan raving, “Where has this been all my migraine life?” and “It’s worth it’s weight in gold!”

  • Available options: 5


This Highly Rated Hand Exerciser That Relieves Stress

Whether you’re working to build strength or destress, this silicone hand exerciser can help. It features two finger loops to squeeze to help prevent tension, build endurance, and ease joint pain. It can even help with carpal tunnel, according to several satisfied shoppers.


A Collapsible Water Bottle That’s Perfect For Travel

There’s no more lugging around clunky, heavy water bottles with this super-practical, collapsible water bottle. It’s made with flexible BPA-free silicone and folds down to less than 3-inches tall so you can stick it in even a tiny purse — go ahead, it’s leakproof.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 14


These Whimsical Bookmarks That Make The Perfect Gift For Avid Readers

This unique bookmark features an eye-catching replica of Alice’s legs so you’ll never lose your page, although you can choose from 11 other designs sure to appeal to the bookworms in your life. The 3D polymer clay figures are hand-painted, and each bookmark is attached to laminated cardboard with a special note inscribed. As one shopper gushed, “Gifted this to my mother in law to be for her birthday! She loves it. Let’s just say..I’ve been crowned “the best gift giver in the family!”

  • Available options: 12


A Rechargeable Lighter That’s Great For Candles

This electric arc lighter features a long handle and flexible neck, so it’s perfect for lighting candles. It recharges using a standard USB charger and can be used up to 600 times. All that’s to say, you don’t have to deal with fickle matches or smoky traditional lighters — and it’s safe to use indoors and outdoors.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 7


A Cooler For Keeping Your White Claw Icy Cold

Finally, a Koozie made just for your hard seltzers (or your fave non-alcoholic beverage). This slim can cooler is made with double-walled vacuum insulated stainless steel that’s designed to keep drinks chilled for hours. “Great little slim can cooler. I ordered this after taking a trip to the beach with my sisters and we struggled to keep our seltzer cans cool the entire time,” one reviewer reported. “Next time we went on a trip, I was ready with this cooling cup and it worked amazing!”

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 21


These Aerators That Double As Dripless Pourers

You’ll taste the difference in your wine when you use one of these aerators that cleverly doubles as a pourer. The tapered rubber base fits in most bottles and helps avoids dripping and spills. You get two aerators with your order for maximum bang for your buck.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 3


A Luxurious Face Massager Set For Glowing Skin

This two-in-one electric face massager comes with 3D roller and T-shape heads, allowing you to pamper every inch of your face while plumping and amping up the absorption of serums and moisturizers. And because the 24-karat gold plating is waterproof, you can take it in the bath or shower. “I really like massaging my face with the largest one. I was a little concerned that the vibrations would feel strange, but they are actually very invigorating,” one shopper shared. “It’s a nice way to start off the day.”


This Foot Balm For Saying Bye-Bye To Blisters

For anyone sick of blisters on the back of the heels, this anti-glide blister balm, infused with skin-softening vitamins A and C, is a must-have. Roll it on, slip on your shoes, and toss it in your bag for touchups whenever needed.

  • Available options: 3


These Cult-Favorite Nipple Covers That Stay On All Day

With nearly 25,000 perfect ratings, these nipple covers are designed to stay put so you won’t have any embarrassing slips. They’re made with soft, matte silicone so they’re both comfy and won’t shine or reflect through clothing. Whether hitting your best friend’s wedding or simply donning a top with a tricky neckline, these ultra-thin nipple covers will come in handy for so many occasions.

  • Available sizes: Small (A-C cups), Large (D+ cups)
  • Available colors: 5


These Quick-Drying Water Socks For Water Parks, Beaches, & Beyond

Go from water to land and wet to dry in minutes with these aqua shoes made with a flexible and breathable material. The rubber soles are light enough to float on water, and come with an anti-slip grip to support most water and outdoor sports. Several shoppers even reported around-the-house wear, with one noting, “Not just for the pool or beach, these make excellent house shoes and all around casual wear.”

  • Available sizes: 3 — 14
  • Available colors: 40+


This Detangling Wet-Dry Brush With 52,000 Five-Star Ratings

When 52,000 reviewers give a detangling hair brush a perfect five-star rating, it’s worth taking note. This wet-dry brush features innovative bristles that help gently unravel even the most stubborn tangles. The ergonomic handle is designed to make it easy and comfortable for both adults and kids to use. One shopper even noted that it feels like a “scalp massager.”

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 14


This Setting Spray For Flawless Makeup, All Day

Finally, a makeup setting spray for oily skin that actually works, giving you that all-day matte look with a weightless feel — not an easy combo to find. At only $16 and with an overall rating of 4.5-stars, it’s a must for your makeup routine.


These Face Razors That Eliminate Peach Fuzz & Shape Brows

If you’re still using a leg razor on your face, stop. The small size and angle of these face razors are intended for eliminating peach fuzz for shaping eyebrows to perfection. Plus they exfoliate skin with every swipe.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 3


A Travel Holder Just For Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes won’t get bent or dirty in this practical travel makeup brush holder. It’s made from a soft silicone that protects brushes within the novel magnetic pouch. It’s easy to clean and comes in two sizes so you’re sure to find one that fits all your go-to brushes.

  • Available sizes: 2 (regular, large)
  • Available colors: 22


These Refillable Perfume Bottles That Are Vacation-Ready

Talk about a genius ideas — a travel perfume atomizer that refills simply by sticking it over your full-size perfumes and giving it a couple of pumps. And since it’s made with a durable aluminum shell over glass, it’s pretty much unbreakable, making it perfect for travel. You get four bottles in a set, too, so you can bring a few different scents with you on your next trip.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 1 multi-colored set


This Facial Towel That Erases Makeup Using Only Water

No more wasting money on expensive makeup remover products with this clever little facial cleansing cloth that removes makeup, dirt, and more using only water. The soft hair-like fibers activate when wet, pulling makeup away and out of pores. Reviewers say it even works on mascara. It’s machine-washable and lasts up to 5 years.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 4


These Car Headrest Hooks For Hanging Your Purse

These useful headrest hooks — with over 50,000 reviews — help keep your car organized by keeping things up and off the floor and within easy reach. They hook onto the headrest rods and swivel 360 degrees and each hook can hold up to 55 pounds. Place them forward facing for convenient purse, backpack, or grocery bag access.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 10


This Phone Holder For Home, Office, Or Travel

Calling all influencers, or just people who are sick of dropping their phones. One end of this phone holder clamps onto almost anything — your desk, luggage, a kitchen cabinet, you name it — while the other holds your phone securely and features 360 swivel rotation for perfect positioning. It also doubles as a tabletop stand.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 10


A Portable Phone Charger That Fits In Your Pocket

This ultra-popular mini phone charger weighs about the same as an egg and fits easily into your pocket, purse, or belt bag. It has an extended connector so you can charge your iPhone even if you have a thick case. Thanks to this lipstick-size portable charger, you’ll never be without a fully-charged phone again.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 7


This Under Desk Pedal Exerciser For Getting In Your Workout While You Work

Get in your workout while you work with this compact under desk pedal exerciser that’s as easy as riding a bike — actually, easier. It features different resistance levels, and the battery-operated LCD screen allows you to keep track of time, distance, and calories.

  • Available sizes:
  • Available colors:


This Set Of Rug Grippers That Keeps Corners Flat

These rug grippers with an innovative V-shape design are made specifically for keeping corners flat. No more tripping over curled-up rug corners or damaging your rug when they get caught in the vacuum. Come to think of it, they won’t damage your floors either.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 1


These Plant Globes That Do The Watering For You

These watering globes provide indoor plants with just the right amount of hydration, so you can simply fill them up and forget them. They look beautiful too — each glass globe is handblown and features unique swirled patterns in different colors.

  • Available sizes: 4
  • Available colors: 1 multi-colored set


This Coffee Scrub For Baby-Soft Skin

This 100% natural coffee scrub softens skin while removing toxins with a blend of organic ingredients including coffee (duh), Dead Sea salt, and moisturizing oils. And you know it’s a good product if shoppers return to it again and again. One shopper raved, “My third time reordering … highly recommend.”


These Hair-Protecting Silk Scrunchies

Like silk pillowcases, these pure Mulberry silk scrunchies prevent hair damage and frizz with their friction-free surface. They come in a set of four neutral colors and can be worn day or night.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 5


This Car Putty That Cleans Cupholders In Seconds

It’s not easy cleaning out those dusty car cupholders and air vents — that is unless you have this weird but super clever cleaning gel putty for cars that sticks to everything without leaving any residue behind. Just push it into all the nooks and crannies, then peel away for an instantly clean car. Try it on that nasty keyboard too.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 3


This Car Trunk Organizer For All The Car Crap

You could just let everything roll around your car trunk, or you could get organized with this car organizer that has over 62,000 glowing reviews. It has several compartments and the size can be adjusted. One shopper reported, “Being a mom and a nanny, you never know what you will need or where you will go. My trunk has everything and this holds it all for me. All the compartments and pockets keep it all organized from Nerf guns and rockets to sunscreen and bug spray.”

  • Available sizes:
  • Available colors: 3


These Sneaker Sponges That Keep Your White Shoes White

Keep your white sneakers looking new with these sneaker cleaners that instantly remove dirt and scuff marks using a unique technology with powerful micro-scrubbers. Just add water. One fan raved, “I saw these on [Shark Tank] so I tried them out!They work amazing. I have one in each car just in case.”


A Memory Foam Pillow With Cooling Technology

Soft and cooling, now that’s the kind of pillow that makes for restful sleep. This one’s stuffed with GreenGuard Gold Certified materials like allergy-friendly, breathable shredded memory foam and wrapped in a soft bamboo cover.

  • Available sizes: Standard, Queen, King
  • Available colors: 1


These Velvet Pant Hangers That Are Great For Delicates

You know those cute velvet hangers that everyone seems to love, well they make them for pants too. These non-slip pant hangers feature strong, adjustable metal clips and a notch cut-outs for keeping clothes in place. They’re lined with a soft velvet, making them perfect for even delicate fabrics. Plus, the hangers are extra-slim so you can maximize your closet space.

  • Available sizes: 4
  • Available colors: 7


These Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Sheets That Save Space

If you want to ditch those giant plastic laundry detergent bottles (and drippy mess), save space, and have clean clothes, then these eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets are for you. The concentrated sheets are free from parabens and bleach and easily dissolve in both standard and HE washing machines. There’s a fragrance-free option available as well.

  • Available options: 4


These Best-Selling Silicone Baking Cups You Can Use Again & Again

As an eco-friendly and cost-saving alternative to your average paper muffin liners, these reusable silicone cups are a must-have for the bakers in the house. You get 24 rainbow-colored cups in the set, and they eliminate the need for greasy cooking spray altogether. Thanks to the easy-release material, baked goods slide right out without any sticking — and they’re dishwasher-safe to boot.

  • Available options: 2


This Bidet Toilet Attachment That Instantly Upgrades Your Bathroom

Get the full bidet experience without installing an actual bidet in your bathroom. This bidet toilet attachment is easy to set up and requires no electricity. And it has adjustable spray settings for your bum-cleaning needs. One shopper noted, “Honestly can’t believe I went so long in life without a bidet. It’s a gamechanger.”


A Fogless Shower Mirror For Multi-Tasking

A fogless mirror? Seriously genius. This shower mirror works with the power of water. Yup, just fill up the chamber with hot water before each use and get a clear view all shower long — go ahead and floss in there. The slim mirror adheres to almost any shower surface with the included powerful suction cups.


This Bamboo Tray For Bath Lovers

What’s not to love about taking bubble baths? Add in a glass of wine and a good book and it’s a little slice of heaven. But balancing all that on the tiny ledge of a tub? Not great. Enter this adjustable bamboo bath tray. It has a slot for a phone and tablet and a wine glass holder, with plenty of room left over for whatever bath entertainment you’re into.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 4


This Reusable Notebook For Your Endless To-Do List

Sticky notes are great but this reusable notebook, with a real pen-to-paper feel, is even better because it’s like an endless scratchpad that can handle endless to-do lists. It has 36 pages and is compatible with the included Pilot Frixion pen. Just let the ink dry for 15 seconds before flipping the page or erasing with the included microfiber cloth. It has a free app, too, so you can scan and save notes.


This Herb Saver For Keeping Greens Fresh For Weeks

Stop storing your herbs and greens in a plastic produce bag. This herb saver keeps them fresh for up to 3 weeks, saving you money and food waste. It features a tall, spacious durable glass container with an inner BPA-free cup for ideal maximizing airflow. From cilantro and basil to asparagus and kale, shoppers love it for keeping those pricey grocery items fresher, longer.


These Reusable Lids That Fit On Basically Every Pot, Pan, & Bowl

No more looking for the right size lid for your food storage containers with these stretchy, reusable silicone lids. They create a tight seal and are dishwasher safe. In the seven-piece variety set, you get basically every size you could need for your kitchen supplies, from over-sized pans to small bowls.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: 1


A Snap_on Pot Strainer That Saves Space

This pot strainer does the work of a colander without dirtying another dish or taking up more space in your kitchen cabinets. It snaps onto pots of almost any size, thanks to the flexible design — and it’s dishwasher safe, too.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 4


This Vegetable Chopper For Prepping Like A Pro

This vegetable chopper has earned more than 64,000 reviews for its effective multitasking abilities. Interchangeable blades let you julienne, chop, and spiralize veggies, while a soft grip handle and non-skid base add a measure of comfort and safety while you prep. To clean it, simply throw it in the top rack of your dishwasher. Choose from two kit options.


This Set Of Magical Reusable Ice Packs

Lunch is no longer boring with these long-lasting, reusable ice packs that look like unicorns. They come in bright, cheerful colors and are small enough for kid-sized lunchboxes. Unicorns not your thing? They come in other adorable designs, from rocket ships to pineapples.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 10


This Electric Can Opener With 85,000 Ratings

With over 85,000 ratings to date, this handheld electric can opener is a fan-favorite. It makes opening cans a cinch because it does all the work for you — just place it over the lid, press the button to turn it on, and watch it go. Plus, it produces a clean cut with no jagged edges.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 4


This Adorable Bunny Garden Light

I’m not into gnomes, but I do have a soft spot for bunnies — especially ones that don’t need their cages cleaned out every day. This weather-proof garden rabbit statue is solar-powered so you just place it wherever you like and, come night, watch its beautiful hand-painted flowers light up in a soft glow.

  • Available options: 5


A Clip-On Light That Blocks Blue Light

Forget blue light-blocking glasses, this clip-on light eliminates nearly 100% of harmful blue light when set to amber mode. You can also choose from mild and natural modes to find your ideal lighting ambiance. The clip clamps onto a variety of surfaces, while the gooseneck is a huge plus for getting the light right where you want it.

  • Available options: 4


This Sunglasses Holder For Not Losing Or Scratching Your Shades

This car sunglasses holder takes the search out of looking for your sunnies every time you go for a drive. It attaches to most car visors, holding glasses securely in place with a smooth, faux-leather material that won’t damage your glasses or your car.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 4

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