9 Proven Ways To Be More Attractive To Men

As summer slowly comes to a close and the holidays and gatherings that fall and winter both bring are fast approaching, all you can think about is how much you’d love to have a special someone to make memories with over the coming months. They don’t call it cuffing season for no reason, right?

But maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been on a date or since you’ve had a crush who liked you back. Whatever the situation, you feel a little out of practice with the whole dating thing. You aren’t even sure how to get a guy to see you in a romantic light, or what guys find attractive besides a sundress and a pair of heels. Surely there’s more to being attractive than that?

There certainly is. Here are nine proven ways to be all the more attractive to men.

Wear Natural Makeup

When it comes to catching a guy’s eye, you might assume that the more makeup you pile on, the better. And so you add a few extra swipes of mascara, put on a little extra blush, and dab on a little extra lipstick. But it turns out, guys don’t love heavy makeup.

While we might get excited at the artistry behind a full face of makeup, guys see a woman with tons of makeup on and wonder what she really looks like underneath, or even feel like she’s trying too hard. 

Opt instead for the no-makeup makeup look, which will enhance your features instead of hide them. Use a lightweight, hydrating foundation, use concealer sparingly, dab on a touch of blush, highlighter, and bronzer, use an eyebrow gel instead of a pencil, swipe on way less mascara than you think, and finish off with a natural lipstick.


Be Kind and Optimistic

If there’s one thing that will instantly make a guy walk the other way, it’s a woman who seems to always have something negative to say, something to complain about or worry about or be upset about. Haven’t we all been around someone whose presence makes us feel hopeless and exhausted?

It’s natural to have emotional ups and downs – and sometimes, feel stuck at the down – but one way to immediately come across as all the more attractive? Be a woman who’s more optimistic than she is pessimistic, who seems like she would be life-giving to be around, not draining.


Dress for Your Body Type

Your physical appearance is the first thing he’ll notice about you, so make it count by dressing for your unique body type, whether you’re tall and thin, petite and curvy, or somewhere in between. Figure out which dress silhouette complements your shape and which jeans suit you best.

But aside from choosing the best frock for your shape, here’s an extra tip: Try wearing red. Countless psychological studies have come to the same conclusion: Men love a woman in red (whether a red dress, or even simply a bright red lip). Many studies attribute this to the fact that the color red is associated with passion, desire, and love. Whatever the reason, make sure to invest in a go-to red dress!

entrance-dressed-up red dress fran

Smile More Often

Possibly the tactic that requires the least amount of effort on your end? Smiling. No, this doesn’t mean you should smile at any random guy you happen to see, or that the catcaller who told you to “smile, baby” deserves any kind of positive reaction from you. 

But the reason women hear a whole lot about smiling more is because, well, it’s attractive to smile. A 2013 study found that when presented with a smiling photo and a serious photo of someone, participants rated the happier face as far more attractive. A smiling person immediately comes off as kind, uplifting, approachable, and positive – the qualities of a person that everyone loves to be around. So the next time you’re hoping to stand out to a guy, offer him a smile or two and see what happens.

one-tree-hill-quinn-james smile

Know How To Cook

Before you click out of this article, this is hardly about men wanting women in the kitchen. Don’t we all find a man who knows his way around the kitchen far more attractive than one whose culinary skills end with the microwave? 

It turns out, it’s natural for both men and women to desire someone who enjoys cooking. One analysis of nearly 4 million Zoosk dating profiles found that both sexes were more likely to message someone if their profile mentioned food in some way, especially those who mentioned a love for cooking.

Why does everyone want a significant other who knows how to cook? Because humans are naturally inclined to bond over food. Sharing a meal causes us to feel more closely linked, and it also suggests that the cook is one who knows how to care for others.

frasier niles daphne moon cooking

Have Healthy Hair

We’ve all heard it said that men like long hair on a woman – so much so that one poll found that 74% of men said they were likely to first notice a woman’s hair. There are countless evolutionary reasons we can point to (such as long hair being a sign of youth and fertility) and countless reasons men cite when asked why they want their lady to have long, flowing locks (“It’s more feminine!”).

But one thing that doesn’t get enough attention? The quality of a woman’s hair. Having hair that goes down to the small of your back is wonderful, but if your hair isn’t healthy and well-maintained, it likely won’t have the effect on men that you’re hoping it will.

Perhaps even more important than having the longest hair possible is having a mane that’s shiny, healthy, smells nice, and is well-kept, as this indicates you’re someone who has good genes, healthy nutrition, great hygiene, and takes pride in your appearance.

hair flip flirt

Exercise Regularly

Exercising isn’t most people’s very favorite pastime, but it’s a necessary rhythm nonetheless. Aside from the countless benefits you reap by hitting the gym regularly (like having better skin – who knew?), it’s also true that a woman who invests in her health and takes care of her appearance will certainly catch a guy’s attention.

Whatever physical activities will work for your body type and schedule, whether it’s doing pilates every morning, using the elliptical a few times a week at the gym, or swimming regularly, the point is to accentuate your natural figure and to feel strong and healthy – and that’s what will make you feel and look attractive.

ariana grande exercise bike

Laugh at His Jokes

There are few things as attractive as a good sense of humor. While women generally rate men who are funny as more attractive, for guys, it’s actually the women who laugh at their jokes that they find to be more attractive.

So instead of trying to hit him with your best joke, let him have the spotlight. Reward his quips with a chuckle or two, tell him he’s so funny, and if you really want to drive the point home, tell him he needs his own stand-up special on Netflix.

youre so funny

Use Your Body Language

Sometimes, attractiveness is much less about what you actually say, and much more about what your body is saying. Makeup and cooking skills are great, but if you want to stand out right off the bat, there’s nothing like body language to do the trick. In fact, studies show that using the right body language will make others more attracted to you.

If you’re not exactly sure how to communicate through body language, here are a few quick ideas. First off, make eye contact. Eye contact has been shown to increase attraction like nothing else. Try touching his arm (if it’s appropriate. Use your best judgment here!) to break the touch barrier and let him know you’re interested. Lastly, lean in ever so slightly when he’s speaking to you. This indicates that you’re invested in what he’s saying and find him interesting – and who doesn’t like that?

flirty eye contact smile

Closing Thoughts

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be attractive. Don’t we want guys to do whatever is within their power to up their attractiveness? Go get yourself a red dress, practice a smile in the mirror, and learn the art of body language – you’ll look and feel like the hottest girl in the room in no time.

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